Makhura to be hard on illegal businesses

Date: 19 Feb 2019

THE Gauteng government is clamping down on illegal businesses believed to be linked to global terrorist syndicates.

Delivering his final State of the Province Address yesterday, Premier David Makhura said he had received complaints that some of the by-laws promulgated by municipalities were impeding growth of township businesses.

“Township entrepreneurs also complain about illegally operating businesses that sell adulterated foodstuffs and counterfeit goods, and further allege that money obtained through drugs and other illicit dealings is being laundered,” he said.

Makhura’s comments follow concerns that some foreign-owned shops in townships and the CBD were cash cows for terrorist organisations.

According Makhura, law enforcement agencies were already combing municipalities and townships, as well as suburbs and CBDs, to stop criminal activities.

Makhura said his plans to root out criminal activities in Gauteng were showing signs of improvement following the re-establishment and resourcing of more specialised police units in our province to deal with crimes such as gender-based violence, house and business robberies, hijackings, farm murders, drugs, gangsterism, counterfeit goods and cash-in-transit heists,” Makhura said.

He also vowed to act against municipalities and senior officials linked to acts of corruption.

Despite growing discontent about e-tolls, Makhura still appeared optimistic that President Cyril Ramaphosa would consider his request to scrap them.