Youth ‘hysterical after Dad’s planned murder’

Date: 13 Jun 2007
A youngster who allegedly got friends to murder his father became hysterical at the sight of him lying dead. This was evidence in the Cape High Court yesterday where John Paul Titus is on trial for the murder of his father, Norman. A family friend, Kelvin Isaacs, told Judge Denis van Reenan that he (Isaacs) innocently got involved in the slaying, in the sense that he drove Titus to fetch the two friends whom Titus had engaged to shoot his father. Isaacs said that at the time he was not aware of the planned murder. Isaacs said he knew Titus had a gun with him, but Titus had said he needed it for protection. Isaacs said he became suspicious that Titus and his friends were “up to something” when they started using gangster language in his car. When he asked what they were up to, Titus told him of their plans to murder his own father. Isaacs said he had tried to talk Titus out of it, but Titus was determined to carry out his plan. Isaacs said he and Titus watched from the car as the two friends walked to the father’s house and then they heard two shots. Titus immediately became hysterical at the sight of his father lying dead in the driveway. By Bert van Hees The Citizen 13/06/07