Court wants footloose Czech to be rearrested

Date: 12 Jun 2007
Moments after the civil section of the Johannesburg High Court set aside a May 21 warrant of arrest for billionaire Radovan Krejcir, it was made known that the Czech Republic had sent a further request and more documents for his arrest and extradition. His exact whereabouts are unknown, but Krejcir is believed to be in South Africa subsequent to the court ordering his release on June 4. Major points of travel departure have, however allegedly been alerted to be on the lookout for him. Krejcir, previously resident in an up market suburb of Prague, came to South Africa via the Seychelles, where his wife is still believed to be. Disguised and with a false passport Krejcir allegedly illegally entered South Africa but was arrested by Interpol at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo Airport for extradition to the Czech Republic. He faces charges in that country that include kidnapping, attempted murder and fraud. Krejcir was initially kept in custody pending bail hearing that had been scheduled to be heard tomorrow. Last week, however, it was successfully argued in the Johannesburg High Court on behalf of Krejcir that formal extradition documents had failed to arrive within the stipulated 40 days and he should thus be released. At the end of last week Advocate Mannie Witz (for Krejcir) was back in court applying for a May 21 court warrant to be set aside. The court was also asked to order the Krejcir could not be re-arrested on the initial request from the Czech Republic, only on a new request. Yesterday a South African court granted both orders. Just before Krejcir’s legal representatives left the courtroom they were informed that a further request and formal documents had been received. Attempts will now be made to re-arrest Krejcir. By Sandra Lieberum – Correspondent The Citizen 12/06/07