Oasis of Abundance shady, charities warn

Date: 12 Jun 2007
Several charity organisations have called on the public not to give money to an organisation calling itself Oasis of Abundance. They claim it is fraudulently raising funds. This follows a letter being circulated by a Manie Steyn, saying he runs a non-profit organisation and wants donations of R1 000, or food or clothing. He purports to raise the money for Little Eden Home for the Mentally Handicapped, Jubilee Place of Safety, the NSPCA and the Animal Anti-Cruelty League. However, these organisations have no knowledge of Steyn and have disassociated themselves from Oasis. Lucy Slaviero, of Little Eden, said they did not know of Oasis of Abundance and received no funds from them. They had not given permission to raise funds on their behalf. "We strongly urge the public to report any suspicious fundraising activities or appeals directed to them," she said. "This association is not a registered NGO and we have instructed Manie Steyn not to use our name. We completely disassociate ourselves from Oasis of Abundance." Heather Cowie of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League said they were alerted to the letter by the NSPCA and urged the public to make donations. However, Steyn told The Star it was "all a misunderstanding". "We did approach people from these organisations but no one seems to remember talking to us," he said. "We have not received any money yet on their behalf. Our application to be registered as an NGO is still pending and meanwhile we have stopped using these organisations' names in our fundraising." By Anna Cox The Star 12/06/07 e1