Stripper dad lashes accusers as hypocrites

Date: 11 Jun 2007
'White South Africans are refusing to move with the times and prefer to operate according to old laws' A father accused of hiring strippers for his son and friends on his 16th birthday says white South Africans are "stupid and old-fashioned". Frikkie Lutzkie, who owns an engineering firm in Middelburg, appeared in the Witbank Magistrate's Court on Wednesday alongside three strippers and a friend who helped to organise the entertainment. Yesterday, he lashed out at his community, calling them "hypocrites who refused to get out of the closet". "This is ridiculous. I mean, you should know coming from a black community that there's nothing wrong with being naked. There are many traditional dancers right here in Middelburg who show their breasts in broad daylight." Lutzkie said white people were "stupid and operating according to old laws". "According to them, all the old laws of South Africa should still be in operation. They are refusing to move with the times." He said it was common knowledge that boys started masturbating at 13, while "our daughters" are legally allowed to have sex at 16. "But then we arrest people when our sons, who are 16, see naked women. "Why don't they arrest and the internet?" asked Lutzkie. He said today's children could not do homework without the internet, yet they were allowed to use it even though it had billions of photographs of naked people, while shows soft porn late at night. He added that his son had been with him on trips throughout the world since the age of 4 and had seen many naked women on beaches. "Are these people saying I should not live in this country? Look, black people don't like hiding their bodies. They know that there is nothing harmful in that. "If I can give my son permission to marry, why can't I let him see a naked woman?" He said police had been abusive with him when they raided his house a few days after the party, which took place in March. He accused them of invading his privacy and turning his house "upside down" in the hopes of finding incriminating evidence against him. "These people are refusing to see reality. They are not just prosecuting me, they are persecuting me. But I am ready for them," Lutzkie said. He and his co-accused face various charges of indecency. The case was transferred to the Middelburg Sexual Offences Court, where the five will appear on August 8. They are out on R2 000 bail and have not been asked to plead. The police opened a case when the principal of Hoƫrskool Middelburg, Johan Stronkhorst, complained to them about the party. Stronkhorst said irate parents of some of the 15 to 20 boys who attended the party had complained to him about the matter. Stronkhorst could not be reached for comment yesterday, but he has previously said: "It seems not all the kids were aware of what was going on. But peer pressure made it very difficult for them to leave." He said some parents had to counsel their sons at home. - African Eye News Service By Tshwarelo eseng Mogakane The Star 09/06/07 e1