Tourism ‘must fight warming’

Date: 08 Jun 2007
Environment expert, field specialist and programme developer Greg McManus feels it is time African tourism operators did their bit to fight global warming before it destroys millions of jobs in tourism and other industries. “Too many South Africans see global warming and melting ice caps a threat far removed from Africa. “And the local tourism industry is one of the biggest culprits even though it stands to lose the most,” he said. “But the effects of melting ice caps on tourist numbers and destinations will be devastating. “If melting ice caps do increase global sea levels by the 20 metre scientists and researchers estimate can happen over the next 40 years then attractions such as Robben Island and the V&A Waterfront would become nothing more than impressive underwater theme parks. “The Wild Coast, Durban and even St Lucia will also be severely impacted or even lost. “Inland water will become ever scarcer as desertification and drought spreads across already marginal areas of the country.” By Kim Helfrich The Citizen 08/06/07