Cellphone providers set to face tough law

Date: 08 Jun 2007
Cellphone service pro-viders could be fined R100 000 for every day they fail to record the particulars of new customers, if new draft legislation is approved. And existing unregistered cellphone customers - including prepaid phone users - who fail to provide their personal details to their service providers within a certain amount of time will be disconnected. The Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Amendment Bill, currently before the National Assembly's justice committee, aims to tackle organised and ordinary crime by making it easier to track all cellphone owners. The legislation will force service providers to verify and record customers' identities, addresses and details. If clients do not provide these details, they would be deactivated, and reactivated only once they had provided the information. By Janine Stephen The Star 08/06/07 e3