Anger over ANC councillor’s housing graft

Date: 29 Nov 2016

RESIDENTS of Yeoville marched to Luthuli House in the Joburg CBD yesterday calling for its ward councillor Martha Mazibuko to be removed.

Mazibuko, councillor for ward 67, has been accused of swindling taxi owners out of their hard-earned cash in an apparent scam, promising them upmarket houses owned by the municipality.

Mazibuko allegedly promised to find them homes in Observatory and Houghton. About 100 residents marched from Newtown, wearing ANC T-shirts. They danced and sang Struggle songs.

Some also carried signs and posters of The Star’s front page from September which exposed the ward councillor’s alleged irregularities.

Siphiwe Shabangu, ANC deputy chairperson in ward 67, which includes Yeoville, said Mazibuko was not the candidate people wanted.

“When she was elected as the councillor in August, the community objected. We had a candidate which the people had elected and she (Mazibuko) received fewer votes than this candidate but she still became the councillor,” he said.

Shabangu explained that during the election process, the branch took their grievances to the national leadership, but that when the list of Gauteng grievances “came back down to the provincial level”, their grievances over Mazibuko were no longer on the list.

“We want the ANC to address these issues and to deal with this dispute, that’s why we are marching today. There can be no harmony in ward 67 if the people are unhappy with the leadership.

“We don’t need a corrupt candidate robbing the residents in the ANC; it defies what the ANC stands for,” he said.

The Star spoke to Suzanne*, who was one of Mazibuko’s alleged victims in 2012. “My brother had just got divorced and I heard she was ‘selling’ houses.

“I wanted to help him so I called her so I could buy him a house. She said I should pay her R50 000 and the deal would be done. She then asked me for another R10 000 because there were issues with water and lighting, and again I paid it, but we never got the house,” she said.

Suzanne said she could not do anything about it as her brother, who had all the paperwork, passed away and she wasn’t able to find any of the evidence.

“The police said that without any evidence or proof of the transactions, they can’t take my statement. I can’t tell you what it does to a person when they hand over that amount of money to someone and then it’s stolen,” she said.

A memorandum was handed over to the project manager of ANC membership, Neville Naidoo, at Luthuli House. *Not her real name.

By Ilanit Chernick -


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