Dutch tell citizens to be vigilant over terror

Date: 21 May 2010
THE HAGUE: The Dutch government has issued a general terrorism alert to citizens travelling to South Africa for the World Cup. The Department of Foreign Affairs yesterday announced it had received reports from intelligence services indicating that, while the terrorism threat to Dutch territory remained "limited", citizens travelling to South Africa were "vulnerable" to an attack. The travel advice includes an appeal to citizens to be vigilant, to keep abreast of the latest developments, and to follow the advice and instructions of officials in South Africa. It urges supporters to be extra vigilant when attending matches of Het Oranje Elftal (The Orange 11) or any functions associated with the national football team. This follows reports of a plot by people, believed to have links to the al-Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq, to attack Dutch and Danish players and supporters during the global sporting event. Meanwhile, Fifa said yesterday that no terror threats against the World Cup had been uncovered by any intelligence agency working with the football governing body. "We are working very well with Interpol and with the police departments of each of the 32 participating countries" to ensure the security of the event, general secretary Jér244me Valcke told the Foreign Correspondents Association in Joburg. The Danish Embassy said Danish security officials were working closely with their South African counterparts to address any threat. By Deon de Lange and Sapa - AFP The Star 21/05/10e1