Killer bouncer faces new murder charge

Date: 23 Nov 2006
'See what happens when you make trouble?" These were the words shouted out by the killers of 18-year-old Kyle Norris as they sped away after shooting the art student and three other people - including a 59-year-old man and a waitress - in an Edenvale nightclub. And the man allegedly behind the senseless attacks, a former member of the disbanded bouncer group Elite, has links to a key figure in the Brett Kebble murder case. Shockingly, notorious bouncer Jonathan Street, who is accused of shooting Norris in the back of the head on Sunday morning, was out on bail at the time, pending his sentencing for the 2002 hacking murder of bouncer Patrick Caetano. The very next day, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for Caetano's gruesome murder at Kyalami Business Park four days after Christmas in 2002. That killing was captured by surveillance video cameras, which filmed Street and another man hacking and gouging at Caetano with a butcher's knife. Police arrested Nigel McGirk - understood to be a key witness in businessman Glenn Agliotti's trial for the murder of Kebble - shortly after Caetano's murder for defeating the ends of justice. McGirk, who was not implicated in Caetano's actual killing, was allegedly found in possession of items belonging to Caetano. His lawyer has confirmed to The Star that McGirk had reached an agreement with the Scorpions, but said that the deal expressly prohibited his client from "having any discussions with the media". "A lot will come out at (Agliotti's) bail application," he said. Meanwhile, Norris's father Mark and mother Sue are struggling to understand why their only son, an aspiring drummer, was killed so violently. Norris, who had finished his matric exams on Thursday, was shot in the back of the head as he scrambled to get off the floor of Max X, a sports and strip bar in Edenvale, Ekurhuleni. He had apparently been kicked onto the floor by one of his attackers. "If your son dies in a car or motorbike accident, maybe somehow it's easier to understand," Mark Norris said. "But to have your child shot in the back of the head with a gun that could fell an elephant doesn't make sense. "Kyle was no angel, but he had a good heart and he looked out for his family and his friends. I had 50 kids in my house yesterdayÂ… all missing him." Norris's father said he did not want his son's murder to be remembered because of its links to the Kebble killing. "I've been hearing a lot of rumours and things have been misconstrued Â… I know that Kyle's killer may be linked to other things but right now my biggest driving force is seeing that my son gets justice. "All I want is to see his killer tried and put away." Meanwhile, The Star understands that all the other victims of the Sunday morning attack have been discharged from hospital. Besides the three shooting victims, Norris's boss at the biker bar where he worked part-time - who is understood to have taken the teenager to Max X after he finished his shift - was hit so hard that his jaw was split in half. The spokesperson for the North Rand police, Superintendent Eugene Opperman, confirmed that Street was a prime suspect. Street is expected to appear in court on Friday in connection with the Norris murder charge. By Karyn Maughan The Star 23/11/06