Court told how man was shot in front of kids

Date: 22 Nov 2006
A Laudium woman told the Pretoria High Court yesterday how her husband was gunned down at their front gate in front of her and their two children without the attackers taking anything. Abeda Rahman testified that she and her husband Hoosain, 40, had just arrived home and he was getting out of the car to open the gate when she realised something was wrong, because the gate was half open. She told her husband not to get out but he was already standing outside and told her to get out as well. As she was getting out, she saw a hand holding a gun reaching into the car. She pressed the hooter, but she was shot in the arm. Then she heard a car drive away. She sent her children to get help while she crawled around the vehicle to find her husband lying on his back next to the car. She cradled him in her lap until family members arrived shortly afterwards, but she could not say if he had still been alive at that stage. It was only when her father-n-law lifted her husband’s shirt that she saw a bullet wound in his chest and realised he had been shot. She said that as far as she knew, her husband, who worked as a salesman, did not owe anyone any money. Mandla Misack Mlimlo, 29, denied guilt yesterday on charges of murder, attempted murder and attempted robbery. The investigating officer in the case, Inspector Thomas Knoessen, testified that Mlimlo had told police he had been giving a friend, Raymond, a lift when Raymond suddenly told him to stop as they were next to someone who owed him money. Raymond had then taken his gun and fired shots at the man before they had raced away. During his bail application Mlimlo denied telling police this. The trial continues. By Isle de Lange The Citizen 22/11/06