Date: 26 Mar 2020 to 27 Mar 2020
Venue: Sandton Sun Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa |
I trust this mail finds you well. I would like to find out if this summit we are hosting on #Cybersecurity might be of interest to you or your colleagues either by attending, sponsoring or partnering. A detailed programme and speaker line-up is available on request, kindly see my details at the bottom of this email.

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats in today’s security landscape; it has been on the scene for more than a decade and, as it continues to prove successful for cyber criminals, more high-profile business targets fall victim on an almost daily basis. Ransomware is always evolving. Attackers are getting more sophisticated in how they infect systems, avoid detection and foil decryption efforts. Local governments tend to communicate with a wide variety of businesses and individuals, with many of them being one time contacts. This makes them more vulnerable to attacks, as their employees don’t know most of the contacts with whom they communicate in person.

On the 24th of October 2019, the City of Joburg announced that their network had been breached by hackers, this was later found out to be a Ransomware attack. The hackers reportedly demand the payment of 4.0 bitcoins by October 28 at 17:00 hours, failing which they will upload all the data on to the internet. Cities have become targets as they have run vast networks of connected technology that are difficult to update, manage and patch effectively. The same goes for all government departments, especially those in the rural areas.

This 2-day summit will bring together cybersecurity experts, city administrators, government administrators, researchers, consultants, corporate and academics to discuss and map the way forward on how municipalities and government departments can invest on cybersecurity to avoid wasting funds on trying to solve threats and ransomware. The summit will look at bills, Ransomware, phishing and malwares amongst other topics.

• Mauritius Cyber Security Strategy 2014-2019 (Case Study)
• Legislation- SA’s proposed Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill
• Passwords, Malware, Malicious Software & Spyware
• Know Your Employee –Background Screening
• Protecting Your Website against Attackers
• Cyber Attacks on South African Municipalities: Expensive Lessons to be learnt Ransomware 101: Understanding Cyber Security’s biggest Threat
• Educating Executives on Cybersecurity
• Email Security 3.0-From Perimeter to Pervasive
• Why Cybersecurity must be Number One Concern for National, Provincial and Local Government:
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