Date: 19 Nov 2023 to 24 Nov 2023
Venue: City of Cape Town, South Africa
THREAT2023 Themes

Quantum Leap: Securing the Quantum Computing Era

This track investigates the wide-ranging consequences of quantum computing in the realm of cybersecurity, taking into account both the potential risks and the benefits it offers for developing advanced encryption and security solutions. As the field of quantum computing advances, it is crucial to understand the ramifications of this technology on current and future cybersecurity practices. Key topics that may be covered in this track include post-quantum cryptography, the development of quantum-resistant algorithms, the broader impact of quantum computing on existing security infrastructure, the potential vulnerabilities of current cryptographic systems when confronted with quantum computing advancements, as well as exploring the strategies and technologies needed to protect data and systems from quantum-enabled threats.

AI Frontiers: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Defence

Cybersecurity for a Sustainable Future: Strengthening Resilience in Developing Countries

The Bio-Cyber Nexus: Securing the Intersection of Biology and Cybersecurity

Securing the Metaverse: Protecting Virtual and Outer Worlds

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