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Global Risk Solutions (GRS)

Gauteng , KwaZulu-Natal , Cape - Western

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Phone Number:
+27 (0)11 025 7108
+27 (0)11 475 1078
082 904 0936
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Physical Address

Unit 8,, 80 Glover Rd, Laserpark, Honeydew, Gauteng, South Africa

Postal Address

PO Box 217, Wilgeheuwel, 1736, 1736

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KwaZulu-Natal Cape - Western


Auditing , Cash - Equipment, Cash Services, Emergency/Rescue/Recovery, Employment/Recruitment, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics, Legal, Monitoring Services/Systems, Personnel, Private Investigators, Project Management, Rentals - Security/Safety products, Rescue Services/Equip, Risk/Safety, Risk/Safety, Security personnel, Shops/Retailers, Tracking, Training/Courses, Training/Courses, Vehicle/Equipment/Systems


Global Risk Solutions philosophy is to ensure that our clients only get the best service possible. Quality output is our aim and not only quantity, we strive to make and keep clients for life and don’t see conducting business only as money making exercise, but to make a difference and to better every citizens living standards and conditions our country. We proudly join the fight against all types of crime in South Africa and Globally together with all government agencies and companies with the same goal.
Our mission,  to provide a more intelligence driven strategy when it comes to forensic investigations, to give more attention to the finer details and to up market standards on professionalism when it comes to client protection and any other services provided. Our client’s confidentiality and interests are of the highest priority to us.

Executive Protection

 ◦ VIP Dignatary Protection
 ◦ Team Protection – Coorperate and Sports Teams
 ◦ Business Protection / Coorperate
 ◦ Event running with 4 team protection
 ◦ Moving / stationary assets
 ◦ Cash in transit ◦Planning procedures / projects
 ◦ Provision of full team
 ◦ Professional protection
 ◦ Armoured ethics
◦ Political & Intelligence Inter-Liking, specifically for Africa & Middle East.
◦ Presidential, Ministerial, Military & Executive Protection Services (globally).
◦ Intelligence Gathering – Political, Industrial, Crime Intel, Counter-Terrorism.
◦ Initiating (and sustaining) High Risk Security missions in conflict zones.
◦ Recruit, Screen, Train & Manage Private Security Details (PSD’s).
◦ Organize Aviation Missions in Hostile Environments, incl. Aviation Security Officers.
◦ Deployment of Search & Rescue Missions (Including medical rescue).
◦ Advanced Driving & Counter Ambush Training Courses.
◦ Close Quarter Battle (CQB) & Urban Warfare Training.
◦ Presidential / V.I.P. (Executive) Protection Training Modules.
◦ Security Assessments, implementation and upgrading of measures.
◦ Planning & Implementation of Coastal & Maritime Defense Operation.
◦ Recruitment & Placement of Security Specialists.
◦ International Counter Terrorism Training & Seminars.
◦ Sourcing of qualified security officers from “Third Countries” (Third Country Nationals or TCN’s).
◦ Specialized & Advanced Weapons Training in all infantry, special operations, guerrilla & urban warfare weapons systems.
◦Placement of Explosive Detection & Narcotic Detection Dog Teams (completely trained with qualified dog handlers).
◦ Emergency Extraction of Personnel & Assets from conflict zones, riot situations & hostage events (following judicial & International Laws / Principles).

Risk Management

 ◦ Investigative Interviewing services / interrogations ◦Interviewing & Profiling of prospective employees
 ◦ Forensic interviewing
 ◦ Polygraphs / Voice stress analysis
 ◦ Incident related
 ◦ Pre employment
 ◦ Routine
 ◦ Risk assessments properties/ business / corporate / procedures
 ◦ Information related investigations ◦Deeds – Company / Individuals
 ◦ Company related information
 ◦ Academic verifications
 ◦ Credit clearance – Company / Individual
 ◦ Criminal Verifications SAPS
 ◦ Criminal Clearance SAPS / Fingerprint clearance
 ◦ How to remove your criminal record legally

Executive Guarding

 ◦ Highly trained close protection operatives
 ◦ Individual / Teams / Assets

Corporate Guarding

 ◦ Manned guarding
 ◦ Assets
 ◦ Business Premises
 ◦ Private Premises
 ◦ Armed guarding

Security Training

 ◦ PSIRA – Grading & Certification Training


KwaZulu-Natal Details

Street Address:
Durban Office: Unit 10 and 11 Access Park, Albizia Rd, Pinetown 3610

Cape - Western Details

Street Address:
Cape Town Office: Unit 22, Gunners Circle, Epping 1, 7460