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Phangela Private Security Services

Cape - Western , Gauteng , Cape - Eastern , Cape - Western

Contact Details

Phone Number:
021 949 9802

Regulatory Authority Details

PSIRA:  3063052
CIPC:  2019/426428/07

Physical Address

11 Kruger Street, Bellville, 7530

Postal Address

PO Box 2814, Bellville, 7535


Alarms, Armed Response, Armed Response, Armour/Armoured, Aviation, CCTV , Communication Systems, Control Panels, Counters, Covert, Detection Equipment, Guard Accessories/Tracking systems, Guard Towers/Observation Posts/Buildings, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Guns/Ammo/Accessories, Investigation/Intelligence, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics, Rentals - Security/Safety products, Risk/Safety, Solutions Provider, Sub-Contractor, Supplier



Phangela Group has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security by ensuring we have a fully-integrated platform that combines technology and physical manpower. Our approach involves a proactive theory of exceptionally trained, well-groomed and uniformed, PSIRA-registered Security Officers. Our strategy entails several steps to mitigate the possibility of theft of property and/or risk of injury to persons within any facility.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis allows us to examine the risks that you or your organisation could be faced with. It is based on a structured approach by our highly experienced Managers, followed by an evaluation of the probability and cost of events occurring.

Innovative Risk Formulas

All risk indicators are measured, formulated and calibrated through our innovative risk formulas that we apply to all sectors of security.

Comprehensive security

Phangela Group provides a comprehensive security solution to a broad spectrum of clientele and industries, which is administered through experienced personnel and various advanced security technologies.


Phangela Group can provide specialised Guarding and Security Solutions to financial institutions, banks, and other high-risk clients. Our comprehensive risk analysis allows us to examine the risks that you or your organisation could be faced with.


Our security services comply with all the requirements of both the National and Regional Gaming Boards. We believe that Safety & Security is paramount to high-risk establishments such as casinos. We enable these clients to offer a relaxed and jovial atmosphere while protecting their financial assets and customers.


Our residential estate security solution offers perimeter security, access control, and monitoring via access cards, registers, CCTV, and/or other integrated technology solutions. Our security personnel are also trained exclusively for estate requirements such as patrol duties, first aid, firefighting, and more.


We can tailor-make a security solution for any healthcare or education property, ensuring the safety of all employees, students, and visitors. Effective security creates a safe environment, which is ultimately necessary as the nature of these institutions include a constantly revolving element of visitors.


We understands the mining industry and the important role security plays in ensuring safe productivity for all mines. We are committed to ensuring that all personnel and assets are kept safe by providing a proactive solution that is designed with integrated systems and intelligence.


We understand the security needs of retail and commercial properties – securing the safety of the public, employees, and the property itself. This creates a safe and secure environment for all the businesses to operate in and provides the public and centre management with peace of mind.‚Äč


By simply applying “best practices” we can guarantee that we will mitigate your risks within the warehousing and distribution sector. We have in-depth knowledge of product control and the processes that need implementation and policing within the warehousing and supply chain environment.