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Pride Security Services Pty Ltd

Cape - Western , Cape - Western

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Regulatory Authority Details

PSIRA:  221 3769
B-BBEE:  SPR-BEE-19-10-046

Physical Address

16 Mpangele Road, litha Park, Khayelitsha

Postal Address

16 Mpangele Road, litha Park, Khayelitsha, 77847784


Guarding/Guards, Guards


Pride Industries is one of the few South African based black economic empowerment security companies that specialize inspecial events, corporate and general security services. This is because we are committed in protection, order, safety and security as well as to the preservation of life, dignity and
property of the Republic of South Africa and its constitution. It is our best interest to make sure that peace and safety is maintained at any event and commercial business.

This company adheres to the regulations Act of Safety and Security; this gives our clients a surety that we offer a quality service. We maintain and enhance a harmonious relationship with our clients. This creates a platform for both parties to work together towards a specified goal set to be achieved on the event and commercial business. We have packaged a number of services exactly suited for security reasons in and around events.

The mission statement of Pride Industries is to operate a high-quality security service facility in events and commercial business providing an appropriate mix of security services to the business and ceremonies within Cape Town and nationwide; as well as tenders from various Government Departments.

Service is given with ultimate concern for clients, security personnel and the community.
Our Vision is to be a security service company of choice to all our stakeholders and become a symbol of hope to all our competitors.

Our Main Objectives are to provide the public sector, private sector, and the general public with the necessary specialist security services to help them attain a prosperous, stable and peaceful South Africa.

The legal Status of the company

The company is registered is a private company. The egistered name is Pride Industries Services. The company hereby applies for registration as a service provider for the security industry regulatory association (SIRA). The company understands that they will have to train and register all their employees with the SOB.

All members have equal share and contribution Shareholding Details
Member Shares
ShadrackMogress (Chief Executive Officer) 100%

Historical Background

Pride Industries' business idea was conceptualized long before its existence and registration. It has been a brainchild of Mr. Mogress. The owner has received and acquired tremendous training and experience within the security industry. It is this training and experience that has led to the partner to start Pride Industries.


The owners have currently set up an office at Unit 2 - Andile Nhose - Mandela Park - Khayelitsha -7784. This office has been equipped with Phone, Fax, and a Computer with broadband internet access. The owners will use this venue to conduct interviews and successfully selecting the best guards to represent their business.

Even though the venue may not be opportune find presenting an image for the business, it very much
adequate for its access to the people that it will employ.

Human Resources

  • We provide our client with enough span of touch men and woman (the number depends on the
    size of the site)
  • We have mentally and physically equipped members who undergone an intensive training
  • Our manpower is made up of various law enforcement agencies such as SAPS, Metro Police,
    SANDF and Security Companies
  • They do not carry dangerous weapons around the spectators/ audience. (when the need arise they are within reach )
  • Commercial business in beige trousers; beige shirts, beige formal jacket and black shoes.