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Siyagumba Security Services

Gauteng , KwaZulu-Natal , Gauteng

Contact Details

Phone Number:
011 039 7567
011 039 7567
066 237 0709
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Regulatory Authority Details

PSIRA:  2877314
CSD Registration:  MAAA0714997

Physical Address

Nedbank Corner, , 96 Jorissen Street, , Braamfontein , Johannesburg , 2001

Postal Address

PO box 87532, , Houghton., 2041


Armed Response, Armed Response, Guarding/Guards, Guards


SiyagumbaSecurity Services is a crowd and order management security company focus on providing high-end and tight security services in multiple industries for multiple purposes. We are dedicated to provide excellent security service in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Events, Stadium crowd and private properties nation wide for both public and private sector.


We aim to peacefully manage and maintain order using our best revised taskforce strategies and cost effective methods to satisfy our clients needs.

Law and order is our first priority making us the most competent security company for a specific and specialized tasks.


Order keeping, crowd management and best client/customer service is our priority.

Armed and Unarmed Guards.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Events Guarding

  • Crowd Management
  • Mass Control
  • Stadium security

Armed Reaction

  • Domestic crime
  • Retail brake ins.
  • Emergency armed reaction.

Asset and Property Protection

  • Rental properties.
  • Evacuation.

Estate Security

  • Gatemen.
  • Vehicle checks and parking security.

Commercial buildings guarding

  • Entrance and exit gatemen.
  • Complex and malls guarding

Residential Areas

  • Community Patrol.
  • With over 100 well trained, competent and available to start immediately security guards.
  • Fast and efficient readily armed and unarmed emergency reaction taskforce and streets patrol available 24/7.


  • Government-We are registered with the Central Suppliers Database to provide multiple security services for the government nationwide.
  • Private properties –We provide property owners with security guards for safety evictions and tenants management.
  • Private security Services –We provide multiple private security services such as bodyguards, car escort to individuals and businesses.
  • Events –we provide security guards in special and continuous events to events mangers and organizers.
  • Real Estates –We also provide real estate owners with a variety of security services including entrance and exit gatemen.