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Genius Plus Enterprises ltd

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073 773 9557
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Unit J05 , Bell Flower Road, Fleurhof, Riverside, Florida, Johannesburg

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Unit J05 , Bell Flower Road, Fleurhof, Riverside, Florida, Johannesburg, 1709


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Our Goals

  • We envision secure public spaces in South Africa.
  • We aim to protect private and government property and assets and ensure that there is no loss whatsoever.
  • We look forward to reducing crime levels to a noticeable minimum.

Security Guard services

Our security guard package includes bodyguards, armed and unarmed guards, surveillance services and roving patrol. We offer guard dog services as well. We are well aware that the general appearance of our officers speaks a lot about the company of our clients, hence we have neat and uniformed personnel. In the case that you need guards in plain, civilian clothes, our company is there to provide these. Our security guards have received safety and security training. They are additionally trained on prudent critical thinking and discernment in different situations that a security detail must respond.

Special Events Security

We are tasked to ensure that there is safety and security during events, including during national holiday celebrations, in large parties and big gatherings.Our personnel are well equipped with crowd management skills and aggressive behavior management.We are experts in ushering, controlling parking of vehicles in congested areas and keep fun under control in parties.

Office Guards

We have qualified security guards specialized in guarding offices. Our officers guard public buildings, both at the entrances and exits. Some of the items we scan for are illegal firearms, drugs and sensitive documents, among other prohibited paraphernalia. Our guards are trained to interact and blend well with public, since it reflects well on your organization.

CCTV Services

Our company has highly trained personnel to operate and monitor CCTV cameras. We provide a professional, accurate and effective public CCTV monitoring service. We co-operate with partners/other agencies in detering crime. We also ensure the integrity, accuracy and confidentiality of all information gained is secure at all times by strict compliance.

Occupational Health and Safety

At Genius Plus Enterprises H&S Division, we work closely with our customers in the development and implementation of safety management systems.

Our duty is to offer advice to our customers on all matters of health and safety and will include: 

·Carrying out workplace inspections and audits.
·Carrying out company audits.
·Assisting with the carrying out of risk assessments and subsequent development of safe systems of work.
·Carrying out accident investigations.
·The running of various training courses.
·Assist with the development of safety management systems.
·Reviewing of policies and procedures.
·Advising on new and upcoming changes in legislation and discussing means of compliance to suit individual customer needs.


Thokozani Msimanga is an expert in security and safety. Having graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and from The University of Wolverhampton with a BA in Business, he is well versed with what is required of company services to its clients.

Mr. Msimanga also holds a masters degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment from the University of Birmingham. He is a dual accredited member (GradIOSH) of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and (GradCIHT) Chartered Institute of Highway and Transportation. He is well educated in the field, and directs the company with learned prowess.

Mr. Msimanga also possess vast experience in the field of Occupational H&S as he previously worked as an occupational Health Safety Manager at Egis Group and a as a senior Safety Surveillance Officer at EAGLES (UK).

At Genius Plus Enterprises ltd, we are here to serve you.