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We’re extremely passionate about what we do, but more importantly, we make client safety and satisfaction our priority! With over 15 years of experience in the security industry, interweaved with the digital era by utilizing some of the most innovative and state of the art digital technology, we can take care of all your security requirements.


We integrated our technological era into our security systems in such a way that we can compare with or beat any other writen quote inclusive of all our technological aids.


Your security is our number one priority! Our dedicated team of professionals aim to provide you with the highest level of service, and we guarantee client satisfaction. Whether you are a small start-up company or a corporate giant, we have a solution for you.

We specialise in:

  • Body Camera Security Guarding (live stream)
  • Guard Monitoring
  • Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (Drone) surveillance and biometric inspections
  • PFTC accredited fire arm training and section 21 Shoots

Why pay double if you can have the same job done with our RPAS drones!

Our Services:

  1. Guarding with live streaming body camera. Gr C to A  and VPO armed/un-armed
  2. Special tactics clean up operations eg Poaching
  3. Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems(Drone) heat signature surveillance and apprehension tasks
  4. Areal Radio Biometric risk assesments on pipe lines, bridges, huge structures and powerlines
  5. K9 units
  6. Tactical Support
  7. Fire arm training-Handgun, Shotgun, carbine and Rifle                                                                    -Handle and use                                                                                                                                -Business                                                                                                                                           -Tactical Level 0,1,2,3                                                                                                                       -Section 21 Tests
  8. Self defense, un-armed combat, anti hijack seminars and training,


  • Fire Arm Training
  • Knife courses
  • Un armed combat (MMA&BJJ)
  • Anti-hijack courses

Emergency Services Drone Dji Thermal Matrice 600 Pro Kit

Are you tired of being terrorized and bullied by the criminals in your area? We have the solution for you! Sometimes you need a small little drone for the odd picture but other time you need a mean monster six blade multi-rotor drone that is built to eliminate the meanest predator we have on this planet earth.

That is exactly what we are equipped with. The Civil Aviation Authority unfortunately restricts us from rigging it for the Armageddon, but we are still way ahead of the usual farm gangs and break in criminals.

With this being said it also gives us a huge advantage in search and rescue, and high-risk inspections.

We use state of the art thermal and night vision imaging and recording devices in our surveillance and clean-up operations.

This completely eliminates the factor of the criminals concealing themselves from us in any way. Our eye in the sky hunts out and guides our well-trained tactical staff right to the perpetrators that has been able to evade us for long enough.

If they are there… WE WILL FIND AND APPREHEND THEM as well as record hard evidence against in the process.

Unlock the Possibility Of Sight:

Thermal imaging from the air has never been as easy as it is with the DJI Zenmuse XT. By combining DJI’s unrivaled expertise in gimbal technology and image transmission with the industry leading thermal imaging technology of FLIR, the Zenmuse XT is the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable aerial thermal imaging. Capture faster, with pinpoint precision, over large areas, then save them for analysis and reporting.

Body Worn Cameras:



We were proud to present the first live streaming body camera in our country. No more wondering where your guards or staff are, who they are talking to, what they are doing or what has happened during any situation. No more uncertainty as all our staff equipped with this system will be live monitored during their whole shift. The system also includes a direct communication to the device as well as a 24 hour GPS location transmition to the control room as a primary tracker on all staff and vehicles. This system ensures not only the safety of our staff but also as hard evidence in any form of criminal attack. Our eyes speaks for themselves.

Utilising the Smarteye visualisation system platform, inspection records can be paperless and efficient. Inspection time and human cost can be greatly saved. Being a lone worker is taxing, physically and mentally, workers deserve to know that they have an extra pair of eyes looking out for them if an incident takes place and they are in need of assistance. These body camera’s can help give you and your employees piece of mind.


You’re Smarter, Smaller, Connected.

Say hello to the digital era with our digital push to talk two way communication systems with an unlimited range and no interference or distortions from other companies communications. Besides this, our new system makes sure a text is also sent through to the radio at the same time as an urgent message is broadcast. This completely eliminates any form of misunderstanding between the control room and operators as well as long durational log writing before responding to an emergency. Say good buy to the traditional two way radios as we know. No more out of range, No more distortions, No more delays! It includes a GPS tracker and a panic button to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. These features are implemented as a back up. It can also tune to private open lines in times where a direct line of communication is needed in high risk situations. You can afford to enhance your communications with the Push-to-Talk technology of N45 radio. N4 series radios are compact and precision-engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality – giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best.