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Gauteng , Gauteng

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Regulatory Authority Details

PSIRA:  2855895
COIDA:  99000117024

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15 Golf Course Crescent, Kibler Park

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15 Golf Course Crescent, Kibler Park, 2091


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BOLWA Security Services is a security company founded by Johnson Bongani Vetbooi, an experience former police Lieutenant Colonel who served in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) for eight years and served in the South African Police Service (SAPS) for 15 years. Has a combined 23 years of service in the security cluster and currently the Director of this company. The Director has the following skills BA in Social Science from University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), Postgraduate Diploma in Management (WITS), BTECH in Policing (UNISA) and Higher Certificate in Management (Foundation for Professional Development).

BOLWA Security Services is currently located in Gauteng however with projected growth the company will have footprint in other provinces to offer innovative, effective and reliable security solutions with controlled quality systems and customized security implementation to our clients.

Our Services Include

  • Commercial Guarding 
  • >Industrial Guarding
  • Retail Guarding
  • Hospitality and Gaming Guarding
  • Educational institutions
  • Office Parks
  • Corporate and Government Sector
  • Residential and Golf Estate
  • Events

BOLWA Security Services is totally customer driven, we tailor make our services to the clients exact specifications, providing highly trained officers that are accredited with PSIRA. We strive to ensure that expectations are not only met but also exceeded. Our service is to provide you with a total solution and a peace of mind.

Management and Supervision

We understand the importance of excellent supervision and have identified it as a vital part of our success. We believe in two types of supervision namely: 

Operational Management

Daily and spontaneous visits are made by our manager who is accountable for maintaining set standards that the guards sign upon employment which keeps up the good standards of service delivery. 

Divisional Management

Regular visits for the purpose of assessing standards are being met and to liaise with the clients as part of BOLWA Security Services operations by the manager of BOLWA Security Services. 


BOLWA Security Services mission statement is to deliver superior service in all aspects of our business in order to become indispensable to our customers and employees. The business provides excellent customer service for our clients. 


BOLWA Security Services vision is to be the leading security company in the country and believe with our experience with the security cluster allows us to be the industry’s leading security providers. 

We believe ownership comes with great responsibility. A Solid top structure is vital in our organization and adds value to every employee.

(Foundation for Professional Development).

Why use BOLWA Security Services? 

BOLWA Security Services is a well-organized company and also BEE compliant

BOLWA Security Services has the necessary resources and experience to execute any security Operation. Our guards are all carefully screened and trained at PSIRA registered training centers.

BOLWA Security Services has extensive operational police and military experience within its management, serving with the South African National Defence Force and South African Police Services in various theatres including borderline operations and internal security situations. We manage our guard force and uphold company ethos with the same military precision. This solid management structure together with a professional guard force is what exclaims our commitment to businesses and organisations.

Value Added Services                                                        


BOLWA Security Services has all its security guards trained and skilled at accredited training centres nationwide. All officers are fully trained and certified in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority Act.


Reports of all serious incidents will be generated and sent through to the client within 12hrs. Weekly reports will be provided to the client at all times before the commence of the new week with details and suggestions. 

Communications Systems

BOLWA Security Services will supply all its Guards with the necessary communication, restrained aids. In case of an emergency control will be in touch with the guards as well as the SAPS and relevant emergency organizations.