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Mamayila Trading Enterprise

Gauteng , Mpumalanga , Gauteng , Limpopo

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Office 505 - Premium Towers, 296 Pretorius St, Pretoria

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Office 505 - Premium Towers, 296 Pretorius St, Pretoria, 0001


Armed Response, Armed Response, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Risk/Safety, Risk/Safety, Supplier


MTE is strategically positioned to offer a comprehensive solution to individual and company needs based on service that speaks of professionalism and technical expertise. The focus is to form partnerships with its customers and to provide the best safety solutions possible by adding value through service excellence and quality products.

MTE was established in 2008 and its focus was mainly supplying cleaning rags to industries around the Gauteng area. Since then the company has positioned itself strategically and has expanded its operations nationally and internationally.

The OWNER's’ entrepreneurial spirit coupled by innovative, organized and controlled methods of management has expanded the business from a house based operation into a medium sized business. In 07 years of existence, the company has grown and penetrated into local and national markets, and has diversified into manufacturing its own branded range of safety products. The company employs a diverse group of people. MTE is a fully BEE compliant company and its staff compliment is a fair representation of the demographics of South Africa. The company follows the employment equity plan and has developed and trained staff from disadvantaged communities which also includes disabled individuals.


We supply and render services to all customers from public sector to end users at competitive pricing. We specialize in:

  •  Physical security services
  •  Goods and Services supply
  •  Risk Management

Our working tools: fire arms, control room, uniform and many more.




With a wealth of experience behind us, not only is MTE eager to offer you quality services as expected.

  •  MTE is financially viable
  •  MTE is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) in terms of Private Security Regulatory Act (Act 56 of 2001).
  •  MTE compliance with Private Security Regulatory Act (Act 56 of 2001).
  •  MTE has a technical Requirements
  •  MTE does have the minimum security requirements required by department, inter-alia:
     Office infrastructure as per PSIRA prescribed standards
  •  Functional Control Room
  •  Successful bidder’s competency certificate to handle firearms
  •  Record of criminal checks of guards.
  • Security equipment, such as:
    •                  Base station and hand held two-way radios
    •                  Motor Vehicles
    •                  Hand held metal detectors
    •                  Uniforms
    •                  Baton
    •                  Hand cuffs with keys
    •                  Torch/flash light
    •                  Firearm
    •                  Occurrence Books   
    •                  Bullet proof vestso Security Registers
    •                  ID Card
    •                  PSIRA Cards
    •                 Stationery
    •                 Whistle and Lanyard
    •                 Pepper Spray
    •                 Branded Vehicles
    •                 Safes

.Bee status

  •  Percentage black ownership: : 100%
  •  Percentage black directors: 100%
  •  Percentage black staff: 100%.


We operate with 24-hours control room and radio network that allows us to be in touch whenever a problem arises on a site. Currently we make use of two systems being that of radio turning and conventional radios are use on site and where the line of frequency has no disturbance and radio trucking in areas where the signal is distorted due to large mountains or man-build obstacles. Thus enabling us to work through a central control room with a necessary communication system at hand

here is communication between the control room and mobile units, on supervisor and management vehicles and sites. All managers and supervisors are also in contact with cell phones and pages. A duty manager is on standby after hours to attend to clients and any problems.

We have 1x base radios and 15 two way radios which are installed by Televonic one of the biggest communication installer in South Africa