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At Iron Hand Protection Services we provide personalized security solutions, fully customizable to your organization’s particular needs. as security requirements evolve over time, we are able to continuously adapt the delivery of our security services to reflect6 the changing security challenges facing your organization, and deliver the protection in the costiest efficient manner.

Our security services are suitable for public organization (city and government departments, universities, schools and state agencies) large and small businesses, office building, residential communities and real estate.

Guards – we scout, select and train security guards for all customers’ facilities. a security organization is only as good as its staff – here, at iron hand protection services, we take the selection and training process very seriously. in this way , our customers will always have dedicated , skilled and trustworthy security guards, and can rest assured that their sites are secure incidents are handled properly, according to established protocol.

Security guards can be professionally uniformed or inconspicuously attired, for versatile guard services that fit the client’s environment .theory are trained to support the functioning or your organization and can serve a number of roles, as needed, including:

  • crime deterrence
  • increased protection and safety
  • increased employees, visitors, and customer comfort
  • constant risk management and reporting
  • continuous process development

Qualified security staff

to ensure higher caliber security personnel we start with a unique selection proicess: in addition to the customary checks, above and beyond state requirements, we test each application, among other things, for dependability, our employees in a continuous improvement program consisting of career development and supervisory skills training. our security managers have a minimum of 5 years experience in the security industry, a proven track record, an extensive knowledge of the security honesty, socialization skills, substance abuse resistance, and cooperativeness. furthermore, we enroll industry.

Diverse expertise

from site security to security systems and roving patrols, we cover the security needs of a vast array of clients, from small business to large corporations and public organization.

Quality assurance

at iron hand preotection services we don’t just train employees and send them out to perform tasks, but we make sure they are able to perform effectively and we support, inspect, re-train and continuously assess their performance.


our security services are entirely flexible and customizable to your business needs. you can choose from a wide range of security services and products, for far a cost effective solution to address your particular security concerns. in addition, our team of security specialists will work with you to optimimize the security delivery process through annual goals and objectives that will reduce there total cost of security and minimize risks.

Unquestioned integrity

we operate our business with the spirit and attitude of a partnership with our clients, as our success is a direct result of their success. we have a proven track of financial responsibility and ability to meet all licensing, insurance, and payroll commitments for contract start up and throughout its duration. our time tested management, leadership and public relation standards help us ensure your organization is fade, without interfering with your daily activities or causing discomfort to your employees, customers and visitors. we understand the importance no confidentiality; therefore, we will always perform our tasks with maximum care and discretion.

At iron hand protection services we understand that a strong brand image is the key to the success of any business. we aim to add to the brand value of all our clients by ensuring our staff members look professional and approachable at all times. our uniforms are of made of quality materials that are highly functional and durable and our personnel; looking smart and neat.

Our personnel understand that they act as client’s ambassadors and along with every iron hand protection services, comes a professional, helpful attitude.

We at iron hand prtection services can help develop a security plan this simple risk management tool:

  • Identify the risk. you and your team uncover, recognize and describe risks that might affect your project or its outcomes.
  • Analyze the risk. once risks are identified you dete4rmine the like hood and consequence of each frisk. yapok develops an understanding of the nature of the risk and its potential to affect projects goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate or rank the risk. you evaluate or rank the risk by determining the risk magnitudes, which is the combination of like hood and you make decisions about whether the risk is acceptable or whether it is serious enough to warrant action.
  • Treat the risk. you create risk mitigation strategies, preventive plans and contingency plans in this step.
  • Monitor and review the risk. this is the step where you take your project rick registers and use it to monitor, track and review risks.

Our BEE strategy is built on the following six pillars:

  • we have 100% bee shareholding/interest:
  • we have successful workplace employment equity programmed;
  • we recruit, develop and promote historically disadvantaged individuals for all our supervisory and managerial posts;
  • we build human capacity amongst historically disadvanged groups within our work-places through our  employees and in the communities in which we operate;
  • we maintain sound bee frame work
  • we seek partnerships with clients and supplies.