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Amadube Security Services

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9th Floor - His Majesty Building, Cnr Comissioner and Joubert Sts, Johannesburg

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9th Floor - His Majesty Building, Cnr Comissioner and Joubert Sts, Johannesburg, 2000


Alarms, Armed Response, Armed Response, Beams, CCTV , Fencing, Fire Detection & Safety systems, Fire protection/systems, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Intercoms, Investigation/Intelligence, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics


Madube Security Services was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company, as a reaction to a yawning gap in quality guard service delivery in South Africa. The company started business immediately and showed from inception that it was poised to revolutionize the security services in the country, which has resulted in making us the professional black-owned emerging Security Services Provider in the country.

Having been in operation since then, we have been able to attract and retain a select group of Clients, some from inception till now. We have acquired vast experience in virtual all facets of Security and Protection of lives and property. 

Amadube Security Services possesses the managerial, financial and administrative infrastructure, enabling operations to be totally performance related, customer needs driven with a high degree of customer communication. Amadube Security Services is a member of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)


To become the recognized leading Security Services Provider of Personal Security Solutions in South Africa, using competent personnel and superior resources.


To consistently provide superior security solutions utilizing the most modern technology, well trained and properly motivated staff to make us the most sought after Security Company in South Africa.


The Amadube Security Services’ Team covenants to:

  • Execute our functions with passion and integrity.
  • Deliver superior quality services.
  • Be pro-active and responsive to customer needs.
  • Treat people with respect and dignity.
  • Recognize achievements and rewards excellence.

What We Offer

Amadube Security Services (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of product and services aimed at satisfying the yearning of a huge spectrum of customers in various industries:

  • Guarding both Armed and Unarmed.
  • Armed Reaction (Affiliated with Sikwekwe Group).
  • Event Security .
  • Asset and Property Protection.
  • Estate Security.
  • Investigations.

Risk Management and Consulting

Our philosophy at Amadube Security Services is to analyze the needs of a client prior to quotation and assess the risk at the location to be protected. Experience has shown that there is an absolute need to analyze the " Pure Risk" faced by clients and formulate management programmes to manage those risks.

Such analysis is the premise upon which manpower and or electronic systems are engaged to neutralize the risk. Committing fund to security without full disclosure of extent of risk is neither nor efficient. We formulate risk management plans for our clients free of charge.

Featured Security Services

  • Un-armed Guard.
  • Armed Guard.
  • Security Consultancy.
  • Electronics Security Supplies
  • VIP Protection
  • Alarmed System Installation.

Guarding Services

Amadube Security Services believes that an Amadube operative is the best security offices in the industry, for they are meticulously selected, extensively trained, motivated and backed by years of experience. We are disposed to perform iether two (2) or three (3) shifts work schedule. We offer these services in three broad catergories with sectorial expertise in the corporate guarding services, namely residential, commercial and corporate.

Unarmed Guard

Unarmed security guards services are employed much more frequently than armed services. Amadube Security Services provides unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as shoplifting.

Even though unarmed, a sizeable number of these guards are trained in physical defense techniques such as Karate and all are generally capable of providing protection because they are in excellent physical condition and very-well trained.

Amadube Security Services Unarmed Security Guards include Day and Night Foot Patrol Security Guard, Vehicle Security Patrol, Camera Surveillance and Executive Protection. Our services are unmatched throughout the industry in accordance with the "best practices" of our industry. We are committed to understanding each of our clients' unique needs and tailoring services accordingly.

In collaboration with Sikwekwe Group, we provide modern reliable electronic alarm systems backed by highly trained Sikwekwe Security Specialist. This services covers the field of commercial, industrial and domestic concerns.It involves installation, monitoring and maintenance of a wide range of security. All linked to 24 hour, state of the art control rooms that will dispatch Swift-Armed Reaction Teams the alarm is activated.


  • Dedicated vehicles with armed back-up.
  • Reaction vehicles on call 24/7 365 days.
  • Manageable number of clients per response vehicle.
  • Emergence medical assistance.Domestic accidents.
  • Pro-active patrolling with high visibility.
  • Response within 15 minutes.

Event Security

Amadube Security Services provides security cover for important social events such as Musical Concerts, Jamborees, Weddings, Launch, Funeral, Soccer Events, etc. Our experience and versatility in crowd control in unsurpassed in the industry.

We provide short-term guards to ensure the smooth running of your events such as soccer and rugby matches, musical concerts, live performances, parties etc in and around South Africa. We control the crowd, handle access controls, VIP protection, backstage security and any related security matters.

Amadube Security Services envisage to be the most preferred and leading providers of physical and systematic protection of wealth and all valuable resources in Southern Africa.


Amadube Security Services carry a full-line of the finest low voltage products for everything from traditional Burglar and Fire protection installations to CCTV, Home Theater, Access Control, and more. Our people know these products inside-and-out, and they can help your business take full advantage of all the profitable markets available to low voltage installers today. 

We offer helpful services that get those products into your hands quickly, such as Same Day Delivery, where any order phoned, faxed or e-mailed to us before close of business is guaranteed to be ready for pick-up the minute our doors open the next business day, with no waiting. And our products are always priced competively.

  • Electrified Fencing System.
  • Intruder Detector System.
  • Panic Alarm System.
  • CCTV, Intercoms.
  • Access Control Devices.
  • Surveillance System.
  • Fire Detection System.

CCTV Monitoring

Communication is quite vital to comprehensive security operations because it enables remote monitoring of the security operatives and timely relay of information critical to planning and responses. 

Our control room is designed to ensure that guards are alert and vigilant by initiating unscheduled communication at intervals. At night we conduct some mental tasks to keep the guards awake e.g. riddles and inventory check. All patrol vehicles are equipped with Mobile Radios and regularly informs Control of their present locations and sends situation reports every 30 minutes. This is to ensure free flow of information, command and control. It provides a sure means to call for help when in distress. The Control Room staff works in accordance with Control Room procedures as highlighted in our Control Room Manual which includes Emergency Procedures and Crisis Management.

Amadube Security Services - VIP Arm Services and Protocol

The provision of close protection to important dignitaries and other key people remained a Specialized Security function. Staff with extensive close protection experience handles the training of Officers we deploy for such Specialized Services. They are well trained to effectively neutralize any armed robber attempt by hoodlums who specialize in attacking our Clients. Our Armed Escort Services are normally customized to suit the Client’s requirements and peculiar circumstances.Amadube Security Services provides consultation, training services, certification and audits to ensure that your event runs securely and meets the relevant requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Labour Law regulations.

Executive Protection

  • Discreet Bodyguard Services
  • High profile Individuals.
  • Dignitaries and Celebrities and other related services.


Our philosophy at Amadube is to analyze the needs of a Client prior to quotation and assess the risk at the location to be protected. Experience has shown that there is an absolute need to analyze the “Pure Risk” faced by Clients and formulate management programmes to manage those risks. Such analysis is the premise upon which manpower and or electronic systems are engaged to neutralize the risk. Committing fund to security without full disclosure of the extent of risk and consequent recommendation on how to manage the risk is neither cost effective nor efficient. We formulate risk management plans for our Clients free of charge.

This showcases our ability and expertise to conduct various security and investigative disciplines within a diversified market. We also facilitate security training for personnel of various organisations and private individuals.

Specialized Work Includes:

  • Due Diligence.
  • Investigation.
  • Undercover Operations.
  • Background Checks and Pre and Post employment verification services.
  • Technical surveillance.
  • Training.
  • Security Awareness Seminars.
  • Close liason has been established with our affiliate to enhance our skills in forensic investigation, fingerprint examinations and polygraph examination. This services is highly classified, ussually discreet and confidential to prevent any unauthourised disclosure.