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PSIRA:  2493934
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SAFESEC (Personal Security - Mobile Application)


Security Professional Services specialises in the broader field of business security, with specialisations in key niche areas. From a guarding perspective, the wide and varied needs of specific market sectors often involves industry-specific training, and with our in-house training academy, we are able to ensure that skilled staff are matched to the role required of them. Our world-class training facility sets us apart from our competitors and gives us a distinct advantage in an extremely competitive environment.

We recognised from early on that in addition to well trained, well managed staff, our long term success would require effective systems and procedures. We therefore invest heavily in the development of IT systems and now enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated electronic management system which helps us manage our business and our client relationships more effectively.

Sec Pros has particular knowledge and expertise in the following vertical markets:

Commercial Property - As commercial property specialists with a significant depth of experience in this field, we ensure your premises – external and internal – are not only secure, but that you benefit from our constant monitoring and, wherever appropriate, implementation of innovative global products and methodologies.

Retail - We are accepted as leaders in the field of shopping centre and general retail security, with numerous industry awards to support this claim.

Industrial - We provide all aspects of access control and general security.

Educational institutions - Ensuring the safety of future generations, and the infrastructure surrounding them.

Government - National, provincial and local – a proven record of success in all these areas.

Health - Safeguarding patients, staff and visitors at top SA hospitals and health care facilities.

Hospitality - Many of South Africa’s top 5 star and boutique hotels and leaders in the hospitality industry have relied on Sec Pros Security services many years.

We may be security specialists, but we’re first and foremost family men and women and so we know nothing matters more than home and personal protection. We believe effective home security requires, above everything, a change of mindset of most South Africans, and we encourage our clients to examine their own lifestyles and habits, analyse the weaknesses and respond to them – we’re there to assist and advise on how to, from the outside in, create layer upon layer of smart security measures.

As a company, we constantly monitor criminal trends in the areas and communities in which we operate, so we are constantly devising strategies and tools for our clients. Security prevention measures can never be static, so we keep abreast of new technology, new approaches, fresh thinking.

No longer a grudge purchase, security is a lifestyle decision, and as such it means taking steps beyond installing a basic alarm system. Real security is a change in mind-set, it means going beyond securing our homes to ensuring the safety of our neighbourhoods as well.

Sec Pros offers the most comprehensive security offering available in the market place today, everything that we do is single-mindedly focussed on making your world a safer place. We work together with you, to ensure your safety. We don’t just pay lip service to it. Whether it’s electronic intrusion detection devices, armed response, or simple common sense measures, we get involved.

NB: Although our monitoring service is available in all of the major centres in which we operate, our armed response service is currently limited to specific suburbs within the Greater Kempton Park area.


Sec Pros is recognised as a reputable specialist in event and crowd management. We have provided event security for Ministers, Entertainers, Film Stars, Political Figures, Religious Leaders and International Business Executives. In addition, Sec Pros has been responsible for crowd management at various live events.

Our events management team has travelled the world extensively to study trends in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom, including the Olympic Stadium, with a view to improving techniques and knowledge of crowd and venue security.

Of vital importance is knowledge of the operational and logistical methodologies of the Protection Services, Municipal Authorities and Traffic Departments in order to ensure a coherent and smooth working relationship during crowd management to and from stadiums.


Our Close Protection Service range involves the protection of individuals through Physical Environment Protection, Point-to-Point Safety, and through the services of professionally trained, discreet and creditable bodyguards.

All our personnel are carefully vetted, with bodyguards primarily recruited from the SAPS reaction/task force units or military special-forces reconnaissance units.


Our manned Guarding Services provide customers with fully-trained, professional Security Officers, who are constantly evaluated and monitored to ensure we provide industry leading service levels.

A team dedicated Client Service Managers – directly responsible for their team of Security Officers – stay in frequent contact with our clients, perform continuing risk analysis, respond speedily to customer requests and make sure our customers experience the levels of service they expect, and for which we are renowned.

Security Officers are also monitored directly by Site Inspectors, who visit frequently to ensure presence as well as presentability. Our team of Operations Managers who report to our directors, support this Guarding structure within the framework of an ISO managed, quality control programme.

We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability throughout. Our customer relationship programme encourages customers to communicate directly with our management team on an ongoing basis, ensuring a personal, tailored approach to risk management.

Technology is also pivotal to managing our staff and sites, as well as providing transparency and open customer access to performance information. We use the Chase Incident Management platform throughout our operation which provides:

  • Real-time incident logging
  • System drive Security Procedures
  • Automated reporting on Security Incidents, as well as feedback
  • Incident tracking and Case Management

Chase also manages and escalates incidents to ensure they are followed up timeously, and full feedback is provided. Comprehensive reporting on statistics based on incident type, location and site and more is used to understand and manage risk in detail.


Cellphone App Panic Button

Sec Pros Security has taken personal security to a new level with the launch of Genie ICE, a cell phone based, geolocation, emergency notification system. In today’s world, where people are constantly on the move, security and emergency response that is limited to one’s place of residence is no longer practical.

In fact, people are more often than not away from their homes, and therefore at increased risk of falling victim to crime, or even just requiring emergency help. Genie ICE is like taking your home alarm system with you in your pocket every time you leave home.

The Genie ICE application, which is powered by Ice PLUS, is free to download to any mobile phone or tablet, there are however service charges applicable for the use of the service. It works with either GPS (Global Positioning System) or LBS (Location Based Services) and in just two taps will send an alert message to Sec Pros’s control room, where operators will assess the nature of the emergency and then dispatch the appropriate response to exactly where it is needed.

Sec Pros director Gary Tintinger said the Genie ICE panic button differed from the scores of GPS applications currently available for download as it was the only one in the country to be integrated seamlessly into the alarm monitoring and armed response infrastructure of a security company.

And it was superior to the “panic button-type” speed dials on offer from other security companies as it gave a precise GPS location of the emergency. Tintinger explained that Genie ICE is can best be explained as a three tiered emergency response system. “Firstly when the panic signal comes through to our control room all of the clients details are presented to the operator, so we know who they are. Secondly the GPS component presents the operator with client’s exact location on Google Maps, so we know where they are. Thirdly between our own operational resources and our database of third party service providers as well as SAPS and other emergency service agencies we can dispatch a wide range of services to provide emergency assistance. Think of it as your personal Emergency Genie on 24 hour standby” He said. Another benefit is that even residents who are contracted to other security companies can have the additional layer of mobile security at a nominal monthly fee.

“The Genie ICE panic button is available to anyone, even if they do not live in an area which is serviced by Sec Pros. Signing up for the service is also simple and merely involves filling out your personal details, registering for the service, and downloading the application,” Tintinger said.

There are further benefits to the Genie ICE panic button as users are able to log special emergency instructions with Sec Pros. This includes who needs to be contacted in case of emergency, as well as specific emergency responses that may be required.

Tintinger explained: “For example, if I am away for the weekend hiking in the mountains, or competing in an extreme cycle race, I can inform the control room of this prior to departure. I can tell them that for any specific period of time the chances are high that if I do press the panic button on my phone, the assistance I more than likely require is medical.”

But even in the event that no special instructions are logged, and a Genie ICE user is out of an Sec Pros area of operation – such as in another province – the security company’s highly-trained control room operators will locate nearby emergency services, including SAPS, and alert them to the user’s call for emergency help. And just as with a home alarm system, the only way a panic alert can be cancelled is with a challenge code, Tintinger added.

“Basically, this App is an additional layer of security. It takes the security of a home alarm system and makes it mobile. There are many GPS apps out there, and there are many services that offer ‘panic’ calls via a speed dial number. There are also those that send alerts out to specific friends and family members. “But this Genie ICE app is different as it combines all of these capabilities, and then links them to a security and armed response company’s control room. There is nothing else like it in the country.”

To download the app go to: Pros or type the following code into your mobile device to register by USSD: *120*25378*3636723#


Our Armed Response Officers are at the veritable front-line of operation – nobody takes your security more seriously than they do – our approach though is that we’d prefer that you never get to use their services, that’s why our investigators are working so hard behind the scenes to keep criminals off the streets.



Our sophisticated 24hour control room and our dedicated team of Control Room Operators are central to everything that we do. Our operators are fully trained to deal with any emergency quickly, calmly and efficiently. Our extensive Customer Enrolment Program ensures that we have all critical information on hand when your alarm activates.

Crucial to achieving all of this, is the use of technology. We are undisputed leaders in this field, utilising our advanced systems to continually report on and manage the service delivered to customers. From real-time tracking of reaction teams to our extensive digital (and encrypted) radio network, full accountability throughout ensures the highest levels of service. We monitor:

  • Business alarms (including managing opening and closing times)
  • Residential alarms
  • Electric fences
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Panic systems
  • Production process systems

Alarm Systems

Today, there can be no compromise on security for your home, business, valuables, your loved ones or employees – critical to this is a good alarm system.

Our security consultants are available to assess, then tailor make a solution to suit your premises and your individual requirements. They perform an extensive risk survey and use the latest technology for residential and commercial installations – It’s about providing the best possible protection at the best possible price.

Contact us on 011 046 18931 to contact us for a free evaluation of your existing alarm, or a new solution to meet your requirements.

Technical Support

We’re proud of the fact that our technical teams are all fully employed by us – that means that they have no other interest but ensuring that your alarm is in perfect working order


We offer a fully integrated remote video monitoring platform, including the following:

Remote Video Verification

In a Remote Video Verification environment a client’s alarm and CCTV system is linked to our video monitoring platform. This gives our controllers access to live CCTV pictures as well as a pre-event video clip each time there is an alarm activation. Our controllers are then able to verify the cause of the alarm immediately and provide an appropriate response based on this.

In the event of a positive break-in, they would dispatch multiple vehicles as well as SAP and other state services. They can also activate lights, release pepper spray or perform an “audio talk down” where they can verbally warn the intruders to leave the site immediately via onsite speakers.

Virtual Patrols

Our virtual patrols are utilised instead of or in conjunction with physical guarding services. This is a process whereby our operators are presented with video pictures from a site based on a pre-defined schedule.

This schedule is defined based on the particular site requirements. The virtual patrol is presented sequence from key cameras and patrolled in the same way a physical guard would work around a site. If any suspicious activity is detected during the patrol the operator would dispatch the necessary response services immediately.