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Due to socio-economic pressures, crime is unfortunately a growing industry. White collar crime is a sad reality in most South African companies and the need for specialized and high standard security services and solutions is evident.

Topcor is offering an unusual and comprehensive package of criminal risk management products, with full access to all forensic services, across South Africa.

Topcor conducts various kinds of investigations and related activities professionally and with integrity nationwide.

The primary function of the company is to provide high standard training and security officers to and within the security industry. Topcor also provide various kinds of other training to assist the NUNET Organization to create business opportunities in the private sector.

Topcor can assist with private investigations and forensic audits if this is a requirement of our clients.

The certification of documents, sworn statements, affidavits and court appearances are critical to the business. A Commissioner of Oaths is appointed within the company to carry out these duties throughout the Republic of South Africa, by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development.

In conjunction with one of our business partners, Topcor provides a locally developed personal tracking device that can protect yourself, your children and loved ones.

In conducting the business, Topcor strives to increase the effectiveness of our clients by minimizing losses and protecting employees from unfair accusations, discriminations and loss of employment.

Topcor provides a professional and efficient service to our clients in order to promote honesty, increase efficiency and to curb losses within the workplace.

We maintain professional confidentiality by discussing activities only with clients and relevant parties like the South African Police Service and the prosecuting authorities.

Our clients can thus be assured that their privacy will be respected. Furthermore we will not engage in unlawful activities like illegal wiretapping or strong arm tactics while rendering our service.

We will do whatever is authorized by our clients in a legal, efficient and timely manner. It will be done at a cost that is reasonable, estimated in advance and is acceptable to our client.


Our mission is to create and maintain long term and professional relationships with our clients through the provision of effective security risk management services. Our service is guaranteed to be thorough, confidential and professional.


To be a professional and leading risk management company that provides solutions to corporate and eventually private individuals using modern security and crime investigation techniques and methods.


  • Training: Security & Peace Officers and other (in business partnership with KNM Security)
  • Guarding
  • VIP Protection
  • High Value Protection
  • Investigations
  • Criminal
  • Civil
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Fingerprint Investigation
  • Investigation of exhibits
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Obtaining Fingerprints
  • Testifying CCMA / Court / Internal Hearing
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Screening of Individuals
  • Track Me & Tracings
  • <ehicle Detail Enquiry
  • Drivers’ License Verification
  • PDP Verification
  • Undercover Agents
  • Installation & rental of CCTV Cameras
  • Specialized Legal Services
  • Armed response( in business partnership with KNM Security)

A quotation will be sent to you if any of the services are needed. If a quotation is required, e-mail the request to



     Kennedy Liphoko

     Has 12 Years’ experience in security

     He specializes in security risk solutions and investigations



Topcor can also provide various kinds of training for business development in the private sector. To create different business opportunities will lead to the establishment of a healthier socio-economic environment. To alleviate the socio-economic pressure in all communities, resulting in the decline of criminal activities.


Our aim is to prevent, secure and detect our clients and their assets. There is 24-hour communication between our clients’ sites and our Control Centre. Our Security Sectors include: Corporate, Banking, Hospitality, Logistics, Retail and Industrial / Manufacturing.

Topcor makes use of old koevoet and military veterans

Topcor provides professionally trained, PSIRA registered, motivated, disciplined, well remunerated and professionally dressed and equipped personnel with committed, skilled and hands-on management backup.

Topcor is committed to professionalism in the execution of our duties to produce a top quality service to our clients.


Don’t panic! The TRACK ME device is an easily concealed and wearable micro sim card GPS tracking device with a panic button. Should you find yourself in difficulty, activating your device will alert the national control room and people you’ve selected to make up your panic group about your location. This device will allow everyone in your panic group to live-track your whereabouts whenever your panic button is activated.


With our knowledge and experience we can handle any fraud, criminal or insurance investigation, assist and liaise with the SAPS, state prosecutors and attorney generals for effective prosecution. Liaising with these officials ensure that there is a smooth transition into the criminal and / or civil process. This minimizes acquittals due to technicalities or insufficient evidence.

Our investigators have respectively 17, 20, 26 years’ experience in the field of Forensic Investigations as well as 21 years’ experience in serious & violent crimes.  Investigators were ex-police detectives with proven track records of successful investigative operations while in the SAPS as well as private investigators.

Due to the increase in car / truck and / or cargo hijackings, house robberies and farm murders, Topcor appointed an investigator with prior law enforcement experience who specializes in these kinds of investigations.  As an ex-police detective, with a proven track record of successful investigative operations in this field, who mainly deals with these investigations, our clients can be assured of the best service.


Topcor works in association with a reputable company. Working in conjunction with this company for almost 16 years, our clients can be assured of an outstanding professional service in this field.


The reasons why you should call us:


Our operatives all have years of experience in the security, investigation and surveillance fields, and we use our experience in the business to provide an effective, cost efficient, reliable service to our clients.


All our clients can be assured of our absolute discretion and confidentiality in all enquiries carried out on their behalf. Our investigators and security officers have the experience to handle delicate situations with discretion and professionalism. We have confidentiality agreements that protect us, our clients and their information.


We are dedicated to getting a result and providing excellent service to our clients.


We are quick to react, and can work throughout South Africa.