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Odyssey Security Solutions

Gauteng , Gauteng , Cape - Eastern

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Phone Number:
(016) 365-5941
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083 325 8576

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PSIRA:  1001239

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51 Malcolm Road, , Pendale, , Randvaal, 1961

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PO Box 166737, Brackendowns, 1454


Access control Systems, Alarms, Armed Response, Armed Response, CCTV , Gates, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Monitoring Services/Systems, Monitoring System, Risk, Risk, Supplier


Odyssey Security Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd was founded as part of the staff empowerment initiative of Nedbank, a major Corporate in the Financial Services Sector. We are a 100% black owned business that has become a progressive and dynamic role player in the Private Security Industry. The company is based on the realities of South Africa, embraces the concept of economic empowerment. In achieving this, we provide quality integrated security solutions by means of skilled and trained personnel supported by appropriate technology in accordance with world-class standards.

We have branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, George and East London. Although the branches are run autonomously by the local management teams, they still prescribe to the overall company hierarchy.

Odyssey Security Solutions has established itself as an above average security service provider by bringing together a combination of international technology with traditional South African experience and values, thereby creating an environment which we believe is conducive to stakeholder value.

One of Our objectives is to not only establish a business that is profitable, but also encourages enterprise and the development of all performers. We maintain our focus, develop our service to specific markets and provide service excellence.

Odyssey Security Solutions is based on providing a flexible, dedicated and comprehensive range of proactive services that fills the gaps left by traditional security service providers. In achieving this, we:

  • Believe in open and honest communication
  • Acknowledge that our people are our most important assets
  • Believe in the empowerment of our people
  • Believe in integrity, honesty, reliability, discipline and loyality
  • Apply ethical business behaviour practices
  • Undertake to comply with out social responsibilities


Odyssey Security offers a broad portfolio of specialist products, designed and used to protect our clients. We enhance quality, ensure compliance and reduce risk, helping you to invest time and effort where it benefits your business most. Our fundamental business strategy is to build long term client relationship.

As well as our most important security offerings listed here, our clients rely on tailored security solutions.


  • strict vetting policies which include background checks as well as pre-employment polygraph tests and credit history checks for all personnel;
  • preparation of comprehensive tasks and post description in co-operation with our clients;
  • close and dedicated supervision.
  • on the job training of staff, with emphasis on task and post description, over and above PSIRA training requirements.

All personnel supplied are trained additionally for specific use in the retail, commercial, industrial, and financial applications. Our personnel are specifically trained to function in various divisions of your business which can include Front of House, Reception and Parking Areas.

Quality service is our priority and in so doing we are able to provide supplementary services and functions through peripheral security services in the form of:


• Armed Response     • Static Guarding     • Protection Officers     •  Armed Custodian Escorts

• Egress & Access Control     • Alarm Monitoring     • CCTV and alarm installations and maintenance   


The concept of operations is based on an integrated approach of pro-actively protecting our client’s personnel, premises and assets as well as the clientele within the premises. Implementing a system of decentralised self-deployment based on clustering, flexibility in the assessment of the situation and mobility in the deployment of resources.

This division is efficiently controlled and sustained by Regional and Area Managers and has the complete and incorporated support of all other relevant products and services offered to distinctively employ Guarding, Armed Response, Technology and Risk assessment services in support of the manned guarding services, and is supported by a 24 hour National Control Centre.

Highly trained (SWAT) Tactical Support Units are deployed to supplement and support our Guarding, Armed Response and Supervisory personnel complements 24 hours a day in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.


Our Armed Response Service delivery is divided into two distinct components being “traditional” where one armed Officer is deployed in a vehicle and responds to alarm conditions etc. This is mainly in support of our Guarding personnel, and acts as a force multiplier to the Guarding personnel. The other component, comprising of highly trained armed two man crews form our “dedicated” component. These units are dedicated to specific clients and perform a variety of high visibility and risk functions.

Our Armed response personnel are trained in house to exacting Client requirements thereby ensuring maximum utilisation of all resources and creating an operational “team”. Continuous re-training ensures that prescribed standards are met and maintained and the “one size fits all” approach is not manifested.


Staff employed in this service delivery form part of our Junior Management component and are highly regarded. Protection Officers are personnel who have served active duty in either the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement or the Cash in Transit industry and have developed specific skills. These are typically staff who are deployed in an armed capacity in either a static or mobile function and are inevitably deployed in higher risk environments where honed observation skills, a working knowledge of the applicable Acts and a hard attitude complement their physical presence.


OUR TECHNOLOGIES provide convenient and effective solutions, which are designed for ease of integration into new or existing systems. Our complete turnkey solutions from the world’s leading suppliers bring together the appropriate products in one integrated system offering the right technology solution to suit the needs of each client.


Dedicated teams of supervisory staff ensure the daily visitation, inspection and motivation of Security Officers on site. Motivation through efficient leadership and management has developed our dedicated mobile Supervisory Teams, Guarding Division and Armed Response Units into interrelated units.