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MAMI is a South African based company that designs, manufactures and supplies equipment for the security industry.

MAMI's ability to design and produce a large range of products for a very diverse clientele and applications has put MAMI where it is today.

Products range from long and short range remote controls to radio transmitters, GSM communicators, security systems to alarm monitoring and perimeter protection.

Personal and Asset Tracking
MAMI's tracking products cover almost any tracking needs. From guards to kids to pets, we have it. All our servers are locally hosted and keep tracking data for up to 12 months.

All products have built-in SMS and/or email notification.

Security Products
MAMI offers the complete range of security products from start to finish. From the remote control and detector, to the alarm panel, to the communication device to control room, to the base station and the control room monitoring software

- Alarm Systems

MAMI has been designing and improving its alarm panels for over 25 years. Here you will find a selection of our 1,6,8 and 16 zone alarm panels

- Access Control Products

You will easily find your access control solution in our product range, from Pin to Biometric to card or key tag we integrate them all.

- Detectors and Sensors

All our sensors and detectors work as-is into any of our alarm panels. We also provide the interface unit so that they can be added to other alarm panels

Monitoring Products
Here you'll find our range of monitoring systems suited for control room or guard house environments

- Transmitters to Base Stations

From an electric fence to a house alarm, from 1km or 50km, with MAMI transmitters you can monitor any signal in a guardhouse or control room environment

- Base Stations

If you wish to start a monitoring venture or expand your company, MAMI's base stations have got you covered. With our modular design and dual batteries supply you can be assured that your control room will always run

- Jamming Detection Systems

Detects and alerts of the blocking of closing/locking of a vehicle, garage or automated gate

- Mobile Phone Detection

In some security sensitive areas the application requires to detect any mobile phone in the are. This system detects this and communicates back to a base station for Monitoring purposes.

Remote Control
In this section you will find our remote control product range which will allow you to control and monitor up to 3km away.

- Long range remote controls & receivers

Long range (up to 2km) transmitters that work in conjunction with our receivers. Applications include: Remote control of Pumps, irrigation systems, Evacuation schemes, fire alarms and monitoring fence alarms, etc.

- Short range remote controls & receivers

These remotes have a wireless range of 200m and are typically used for applications such as opening of gates, panic, activating alarms, light activation

- Transceivers

2-Way radio data communication for the control and monitoring of alarms, evacuation systems, irrigation systems, fence alarms, etc

Software Products
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- Web Design

WinCRAM - Control Room Alarm Monitoring
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