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Tracker Connect Pty Ltd

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011 3800300
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340 Republic Road , Darrenwood, Cresta, 2194

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P.O Box 2492, Cresta, 2118, 2118


Fleet Management, Installer/Repairs, Monitoring Services/Systems, Monitoring System, Shops/Retailers, Solutions Provider, Supplier, Tracking, Tracking, Vehicle & Traffic Equip, Vehicle Tracking/Management systems, Vehicle/Equipment/Systems, Vehicles - Emergency/Rescue/Patrol


Tracker South Africa was established in 1996 and currently connects over 1 million vehicles, making it the region’s dominant brand. To most people, Tracker is seen as a Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) company, and while SVR is still at the core of our business, we have evolved significantly over the last 20 years.

Through a culture of continuous innovation, driven by an experienced and dynamic team, Tracker has built a reputation far beyond its SVR roots which positions us as the leading provider of telematics solutions to an automotive ecosystem which includes Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Dealers, Insurers, Fleet Operators and Consumers. Providing value added information to our clients has grown exponentially as we have evolved our data systems and interpretation.

Today, Tracker is data – how we collect it, process it and turn it into knowledge that allows us to provide proactive value to our partners and customers. The amount of data we gather is staggering, with over 35 million telematics messages generated daily. However, raw data is worthless and Tracker’s ability to interrogate and extrapolate meaning is what sets us apart, making us one of the most obvious and sought after partners for businesses grappling with the challenges of a connecting world.

At the centre of our business you’ll find Tracker’s culture and values; the glue that holds us all together. We fully support learning and development and make sure that hard work is always rewarded. As you probably already know, Tracker endeavours to protect and care for all South Africans, and as the leading vehicle tracking company in South Africa, it’s vital that we conduct ourselves with the utmost honour and reliability.
Values Are The Fabric Of Our Company
As a team, we’re driven by these important values:‚Äč

  • We each take responsibility
  • We all live to service excellence
  • We all pull together
  • We each show respect
  • We are committed to transformation
  • We all make a plan

Taking a walk through Tracker’s head office, you’ll notice these values have been physically woven into the fabric of our building. Every wall is a reminder of our commitment to the values that keep this company alive.

We rate ourselves regularly to determine where our strengths lie and what areas need improvement. Our ratings are conducted within the business as a whole, as Tracker teams and as Tracker individuals. Every team member takes personal pride and responsibility in the company’s endeavours to protect and care for all South Africans; an inspiring thing to see and a reaffirmation of why Tracker is one of the best places to work.

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Regional Offices:

Bloemfontein: 146 Nelson Mandela Ave, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301  -  Tel: 086 011 1308

Cape Town: 1st Floor, Fairway House, Fairway Close, Parow, 7500  -  Tel: 086 000 0513  021 834 3900

Durban: Riverside Business Park, 74 Prince Mhlangane Rd, Avoca, Durban, 4051 – Tel: 031 569 1599

East London: Harraway House, 12 Pearce St, Berea, East London, 5247  -  Tel: 086 000 0511  043 721 3001

Kimberley: 38A Long St, Stand No. 277, Kimberley, 8300  -  Tel: 086 011 1314

Middleburg: Unit 10 Nungu Retail Park, c/o Samora Machel St and Spring St, Ext 33. Middleburg  - Tel: 086 011 1318   013 243 1067

Nelspruit: 1 Tranquil Flow St, Riverside, Nelspruit, 1201  -  Tel: 086 011 1319

Pietermartizburg: Victoria Country Club, 24 Montrose Park, Pietermaritzburg, 3200  -  Tel: 086 011 1320

Polokwane: 114 Marshall St, Polokwane  -  Tel: 086 011 1321

Port Elizabeth: 54 Pickering St, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045  -  Tel: 041 816 1600

Pretoria: 92 Koranna Ave, Doringkloof, Centurion, 0157  -  Tel: 086 129 8005 

Richard’s Bay: 68 Dollar Drive, Unit 4,, Richards Bay, 3900  -  Tel: 086 011 1324

Rustenburg: 215 Beyers Naude Drive, Rustenburg, 0299  -  Tel: 086 011 1325

Vereeniging: 119 General Hertz Rivers, 3 Rivers, Vereeniging, 1929  -  Tel: 011 243 6820