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RPL Security & Training Services

Gauteng , Gauteng

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012 803 0950
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Unit 9 Waltloo Business Park, 291 Waltloo Road, Pretoria

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P.O. Box 33896, Glenstantia, Pretoria, 0010


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Security And Training

RPL Security & training services is your permanent and temporary training and contract staffing solution.

RPL Security & training services provides employees across many disciplines, such as:

  • Security Guards
  • End Control Checkers
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Assistance


RPL Security & training services understands the demand for specialized and professionally trained employees. We therefore provide the following:

National Key Point Training

  • Grade E, D & C Quality Training

RPL Security & training services aims to provide the best quality training, and strives to provide the best quality, pre-trained, competent staff to all our clients.

RPL Security & training services offers in-house and on-site training for permanently employed employees, as well as employment seekers.

How can we help the community?

RPL Security & Training services aims to target the unemployed, unskilled citizens, and provide them with the necessary training to acquire a skill. We will also do our utter best to find employment for these newly trained candidates - assisting the unemployment rate in our country.

Contract Labour

RPL has been in the labour outsource industry since 1996, servicing both retail, wholesale and warehousing sectors. The company was formed as a direct result of the need to assist businesses in the South African labour environment. This entails the handling of day to day staffing issues, salaries and wages, administration of personnel and casual staff requirements.

Advantages of using RPL :

  • Having a sensible hassle free, well managed labour force where you can concentrate on your core business instead of labour matters.
  • RPL takes on the burden of weekly and monthly wage payouts.
  • RPL administrates all benefits to the workers.
  • You, as the customer do not have any extra costs or loss of time in having human resources to run or manage your labour force, or personnel management to recruit new staff and train them.
  • You, the customer will only pay our agreed rate.  There are no hidden costs e.g. labour benefits, human resources management, personnel management, and various industrial council fees.
  • RPL does all disciplinary hearings at no extra cost.
  • RPL is highly professional and skilled at labour matters. We take on all CCMA cases which would cost business time and money.
  • We offer recruitment where we will recruit the right calibre of pre-trained workers that suit your needs.
  • We offer an exceptionally high standard of service at competitive rates.
  • RPL operates from a sound financial base, with no borrowing and has the financial capabilities to carry contracts of any size.

RPL's new division, RPL Security and Training Services aims to provide the best quality pre-trained, competent staff to all our clients.


With proper understanding of the needs of our clients, we provide the highest quality of service to the Personnel Recruitment Industry. 

  • We will recruit the highest calibre candidate for your final approval.
  • Security Clearance / Reference Checks will be complete  

          *It’s RPL policy to do the following:

  • Clearance/reference check
  • Criminal Check
  • ITC Check

          *Staff ReplacementStaff replacement will be handled in strict compliance to the client requirements.

Clearance And Verification

RPL can assist and manage screening of your staff or potential staff. Various screening and background checks are available.
Clearance of your new appointed employees:

  • RPL will come and assist you at your premises with back ground screening.
  • RPL can only provide you with criminal checks if the finger printing is done by our screening consultants.
  • RPL will provide a final copy of the checks.
  • RPL has a wide verity of checks for screening new or potential employees.
  • Clients can request specific checks according to their needs.