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Nemja Protection Services

Gauteng , Mpumalanga , Gauteng , Limpopo

Contact Details

Phone Number:
011 683 0045
086 577 8819
071 215 8871
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Physical Address

57 Elott St, Turfontein, Johannesburg

Postal Address

PO Box Kwalugedlane, Mangweni Trust (Between Doctor Shabangu & Mathe's Taven), Opp Lugedlane Primary School, Mpumalanga, 2001


Access Cards/tags & Accessories, Alarms, Armed Response, Armed Response, Batteries, Beams, Biometric readers (fingerprint etc), Booms/Barriers, Builder, Builder, Burglar bars/Grilles, Cable & Accessories, Cameras, CCTV , Communication Systems, Consultants, Control Panels, Detection Equipment, Doors, Electronics, Fencing, Fingerprint, Garage - Motors etc, Gates, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Intercoms, Lightning Protection, Monitoring Services/Systems, Monitoring System, Parking Systems, Radio, Readers, Remote Controls (transm/rec), Security personnel, Turnstiles, Walls, X-ray


NEMJA SECURITY SERVICES is medium sized company with a staff compliment of 107 full time Security Officers and 42 Part-time Officers, the Company has a full administration unit supported by a Customer Care team.

The company was established in 2004 as a Sole Proprietor then fully registered as a Company in 2009. Fully registered (2009/041762/23), Tax Number (9029966190), Vat Number (4170257291) PSIRA (1735327) and Institution Code of Arms – (19413).

The company has secured the services of well trained specialists with general security operations, national and international intelligence and investigative experience and research capabilities. The management’s professional business experience include security and loss control/prevention national safety and key point security, public and industrial relations, Security Risk Management, Administration and Marketing.

With the above mentioned experience and an educated loyal and motivated workforce we are
confident of providing the best service relating to security and protection of assets.


We have our plans and strategies set on being one of the big role players in the provision of security in the industry in South Africa, delivering a service that not only secures our clients and their properties but also professional and customer friendly and at the same time, continuously seeking improvement in quality of life for our employees and clients.

We believe that your security and the protection of your assets should not come on a highly priced tag, there is nothing that can equate the value of any person’s life hence we are determined to providing the best service possible at a very affordable price. Our teams are always looking for ways to keep our charges as low as possible without compromising the quality of service we render.

Company Structure

As well established concern with a total staff compliment of 142 (Admin & Operations) personnel the Company has a Chief Executive Officer supported by an Operations Director. A senior Management team consists of Operations Manager, Administration Manager, Marketing Manager and a Client Relations Manager. Of our five Zones we operate from each Zone has a designated Shift Manager and each Zone has a Supervisor and each site has a Site Supervisor, though this may seem a little too much, it is such a structure that has been a conduit for us to deliver a good service to our clients as you will recall that a good service is possible only if there is close monitoring and micromanagement systems in place.


Our company provides a high caliber service from grade E to grade A officers. The security officers are inspected at our daily parade before deployment to their sites, and are transported to and from our offices. We have a very effective Control Room positioned at our offices and a routine schedule monitoring and random including rapid liaison with all sites, shift managers and Supervisor is executed to ensure maximum monitoring.


Each site has an installed Guard Trek system which compels the Security Officer to do his or her rounds and per clock a signal is sent to our Control Room as confirmation of the Officers routine duty performance. In cases where the officer skips, our Control room notifies the shift manager and an immediate follow-up on the matter is effected and the necessary steps taken to reactive the situation.

Operational Patrols

Our Shift Managers along with Supervisors are allocated cars for rapid response to distress calls and for effective monitoring and management purposes. Each of these Officers is given a weekly routine patrol schedule to follow though this changes due to variations in geographic and environmental conditions along with our client demands.


(a) Household Guarding ( Residence)
(b) Community Guarding (Housing Complex & Street Guarding and Monitoring)
(c) Commercial Guarding (Shop and Mall)
(d) Construction Site Guarding (Construction Sites)
(e) Industrial Guarding (medium and large industrial company premises and employees)
(f) Event Security services.
(g) Valuable Asset Movement Escort and Guarding
(h) Reaction and Rapid Response services.

Technical Support Services

a. Electric fencing (installation and maintenance)
b. Camera (installation and maintenance)
c. Beams (installation and maintenance)
d. Cable laying
e. Alarm (Installation and Maintenance)
f. Access Control gadgets (Bio-metric/Intercom/Turnstile, Boom & electric gates)