Nomex Commando Hood - Desert Tan

Company: TSS Survival Specialists

Type: PPE - Military

It provides a moderate amount of heat and flash protection to the head and neck.

The hood is made with three ounce lightweight 100% NOMEX®, which keeps the protected area cooler.NOMEX® is a fire retardant material that will not sustain a flame.
These properties have made NOMEX® a requirement or standard in many industries such as firefighting, motorsports and industrial safety.
It is ideal for use when deploying flash bangs.
Available Colours: Black,Desert Tan,Sage Green

Hood Features:

Customize design, breathable, easy to wear and comfortable. 
One size fits all and made as per international standards.
Protects from heat and fire.

Fabric Features:

Recommended NOMEX® IIIA knitted fabric, Antistatic, sweat absorbant, will not support flame or decompose up to 427°C (800°F). Customized fabric weight.


Army Commandos, SSG, Car racing drivers, Fighter pilots, Steel mill, Oil fields, Iron fabricator, Grinding & Drilling workers, industrial safety.