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Products include: Source Assault 10L Black Hydration Cargo Pack, Source Assault 10L Coyote Hydration Cargo Pack, Source Assault 10L Olive Drab Hydration Cargo Pack, Hydration Pack, Commander - Coyote - Special Import   view all...


TSS Gear, BCB Int, RITR, Body Specs, Condor, Rothco


TSS Survival Specialists is a South African-based company that supplies quality tactical gear, equipment & clothing to military, law enforcement and hunting professionals, as well as the public.

We strive on our sound management policies, stringent financial controls, absolute confidentiality and total commitment to the client. This allows us to be successful in a tough industry.

Our searches go wide and far to bring you the best tactical gear on offer. If we do not stock the tactical gear you require, we will find it. Sit back and enjoy your journey with TSS Survival Specialists - ON THE BODY - ON THE MOVE - ON THE WEAPON


• Add value to our clients' products and services.
• Provide clients with high-quality service.
• Benefit clients by conducting business in a cost-effective manner.
• Supply our clients with cost effective equipment to suit their specific needs.
• Supply all clients with the best quality tactical gear & products.


Every project, in which the company becomes involved in, is administered in exact accordance with the client's wishes. We follow sound proven project management procedures and business practices.


These services are related to law enforcement, military, tactical, hunting & fire fighting and involve:
• The sourcing and procuring of tactical gear, camouflage clothing, fire-fighting and hunting equipment for industry related individuals like the military, special forces, police, fire-fighters and hunters, as well as the general public in both South African and rest of the world.
• EOD/IED suits and equipment.
• Supply infantry support and combat equipment i.e. Night vision, rucksacks, infantry combat vehicles, LED lighting, tactical lights.
• Supply vehicles i.e. Troop carriers, logistical support vehicles.
• Supply Armoured Vehicles.
• Supply RPV(UAV) for combating illegal fishing and cross border incursions.
• Supply logistical support equipment as well as tactical equipment needed for special operations and sustaining a force in the field.
• Supply anti-riot equipment i.e. Riot shields, batons, clothing, non-lethal products, vehicles.
• Supply miscellaneous military equipment i.e. Bivy’s, specialized sleeping bags, load bearing vests, boots, compasses, etc.
• Supply remote observation systems i.e. Border control.
• Supply sniper related equipment.
• Supply camouflage clothing and systems for snipers, sniper team coverage and individual soldiers.
• Supply water purification solutions, hydration packs and accessories.


• Snugpak – sleep systems (UK)
• Source - hydration (Israel)
• BCB International – survival equipment (UK)
• Propper – camouflage clothing (USA)
• Rothco - tactical products (USA)
• Condor - tactical gear (USA)
• Imperial Armour – body armour (South Africa)
• All other tactical gear


TSS is dedicated to providing competitively priced, high-quality services and products tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements. Our company continuously broadens its expertise and abilities and strive towards improving our operating capability to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

TSS implements sound financial practices to provide capital for growth and optimum return for our investors. The system of controls allows the company to identify potential errors and miscalculations at an early stage in order to allow us to take the necessary correction action.

We have a sound track record of well-proven business and management policies aimed at providing cost-effective solutions to governments and clients whilst remaining apolitical and guaranteeing client confidentiality.

TSS is registered as a defence supplier to Armscor and has a permit, from DOD’s Directorate Conventional Arms Control, to deal in military hardware.

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