Description: I need a keypad with magnetic lock for an aluminium frame door. See full details
Region: Gauteng
Ref No: 39114
Client type: Commercial
Deadline:12 Dec 201611:00pm

Description: Bid request for the supply and delivery of: HELMET & JACKET: BULLETPROOF HELMET: 5000 (2TYPE) NIV (NIGHT VISION GOOGLE ATTACHED/INCLUDED & without Goggle) S - 1500, M - 2500, L - 1000 PASGT GREEN Camouflage Pattern NIJ III Alpha /Wall Thickness 9mm. BULLETPROOF JACKET: 5000 S - 40... See full details
Region: Freestate,KwaZulu-Natal,Mpumalanga,Gauteng,International,North West Province,Limpopo,Cape - Eastern,Cape - Western,Cape - Northern
Ref No: 39113
Client type: Government
Deadline:12 Dec 201611h00

Description: Bid request for the boom/electrical fence repair See full details
Region: Gauteng
Ref No: 39112
Client type: Government
Deadline:15 Dec 201611:00am

Description: Bid request for the repair and/or renewal of alarm system and connectivity to centralised control room. Various sites - Must be PSIRA registered. See full details
Region: KwaZulu-Natal
Ref No: 39111
Client type: 0
Deadline:09 Dec 2016

Description: Bid request for interested parties to participate in RFi process on capability study or assessment with view to upgrade entire fire system, provide report with recommendations and scope of work to be undertaken on the entire fire protection system in order to meet minimum fire system standard req... See full details

Ref No: 39110
Client type: Government
Deadline:16 Dec 201610:00am

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Tender Alert Service

The Tender alert service provides you with High and Low Value Tenders for both the Public and Private Sectors. We offer a unique service tailored to meet the needs of Security Companies throughout South Africa.

Each Tender is manually validated and listed according to your Services Offered and region ensuring you only receive Tenders relevant to your business.