HomeGuard 32

Company: MAMI

Type: Wireless Products, Alarms

The HOME GUARD is an all-in-one, D.I.Y. wireless detector alarm system and keypad.

Plug in the Home Guard wherever you are at home and know at all times the status of your perimeter.

Add wireless detectors and remote controls effortlessly using the self learning feature.
Home Guard features:

Supports up to 25 wireless detectors.

8 wireless zones

Supports up to 8 Remote Controls

LCD Display for easy programming.

Display of zones names

Arm/disarm via Keypad or Remote Control

Buzzer for auxiliary signals (arm, disarm, battery-low etc....).

Retention of options and code selections during  "power-down".

Programmable Schedule for arming and disarming

Four preset levels for Quick Arming.

Self Learning function for the remote control and detectors.

Monitoring and display of tamper and battery low on detectors

Keypad wrong-code alert (allows 3 entries).

Optional External Antenna for increased range

Receiver frequency at 433MHz

Relay siren output