High Security Locking Systems

Company: Securitell

Type: Time & Attendance, Locks, Cash - Automation/Protection equipment

This is a High Security Locking System that is electronically controlled and managed but it is also an Access Control and Time and Attendance System, that differs a bit from the conventional systems, and a Key Management System


The Acsys High Security Locking System is much more than just a Lock and Key System, and it means:

No Copied Keys
No Picked Locks

It is also: 

• an Access Control System: Decide and control who enters where and when
• a Time and Attendance System: Verify who was working where and when and for how long
• a Key Management System: No more tracking of Lost/Stolen Keys and Lock changes
• a Location Based locking and unlocking system: If the key and or the lock is not in the right location - No Lock or Unlock !