Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Company: Securitell

Type: Covert, Monitoring System, Alarms, Beams, Sensors, Detection Equipment, Perimeter protection

Please follow the links below to view our range of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) / Perimeter Security Systems consisting of Long Range Microwave and Infrared Barriers and Beams, Fence Mounted and Underground / Buried Sensors, Fence Mounted Cable Detection Systems as well as Buried Radar Sensing Intrusion Detection Cable Systems with pin point accuracy and a 95% confidence level.

Our Dual Technology Barriers which utilise Microwave and Infrared Beams are not only very secure but also have an extremely low false alarm rate and we offer Doppler Microwave to create anti-crawl areas near the pillars, these systems are also available with Anti-Climb fittings for the Barrier Pillars.

Our Fence Mounted and Buried / Underground Sensors provide Pin Point Accuracy. The Fence Mounted perimeter protection system provides  a reliable and cost effective solution for protecting properties from unauthorised intrusions.

Our Security Systems are ideal for Key Points, Critical Infrastructure, Military, Ports, Harbours, Airports, Mining, Industrial, Residential, Farms etc.