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CENTURION SYSTEMS Manufacturers, exporters, distributors and suppliers of top-of-the-range access control products:

* Sliding gate operators * Swing gate operators * Traffic barriers * POLOphone/Legrand intercom * SupaSmart/SupaNova receiver * Smart Guard keypad * Access control * Chronolog data logger * Remote controls/receivers * Infrared beams * P93 Dual AC Controller 8 Ancillary items

SLIDING GATES OPERATORS- CENTURION SYSTEMS offer a range of sliding gate operators for domestic and light industrial applications. We offer the D3 and D5 DC models.

SWING GATE OPERATORS - The CENTURION rotary arm swing gate operators (R3, R5 and Maxi-Mate) are the logical choice for most swing gates. The wide arc of operation combined with inherent soft acceleration and deceleration provide swift opening and closing of the gate.



POLOphone - Presenting an intercom system with a unique style, outstanding features and excellent value for money.

Legrand - CENTURION SYSTEMS is the Southern African distributor of LEGRAND intercom products. Previously known as TEGUI, this Spanish range of intercoms has established worldwide a reputation of being superbly engineered and offering the highest quality and performance.

LEGRAND offer a comprehensive range of intercom systems from basic 1 to 1 household kits to large apartment or video systems.


SupaSmart - The SUPA range of multi-user receivers from CENTURION have been designed to meet the growing demand for multi user remote control access systems. (To be used with the SMART transmitter).

SupaNova - The SUPA range of multi-user receivers from CENTURION have been designed to meet the growing demand for multi user remote control access systems. (To be used with the NOVA transmitter).

KEYPAD - Smart Guard - The SmartGUARD keypad has been designed to provide all the power and functionality required for high security keyless access control. It is fully weatherproof and manufactured using the latest in high tech engineering polymers to be a robust, durable and affordable product.

SOLO Proximity Access Control - The Solo range of proximity tag readers is designed for simple stand-alone access control applications where security, cost and simplicity is important.

CHRONOLOG DATA LOGGER - SUPA-SMART, SUPA-NOVA & SMARTGUARD have become even SMARTER! - The CHRONOLOG is an event logging and time barring module which can interface with the SUPA-SMART and SUPA NOVA multi user receivers and the SMARTGUARD keypad.


NOVA - The NOVA system incorporates code hopping technology to offer the ultimate security in a remote control. A unique randomly changing code is transmitted with each operation making it impossible to duplicate the system.

SMART 2 - SMART is a remote control system which uses "self-learning" technology to make it very quick and easy to set up. Each transmitter has a unique code obviating the need to set dip switches and with no 2 codes alike, the system is very secure.

CLASSIC - The tried and proven remote control system using code setting by binary dip switches. The manual code setting allows very convenient after sales supply of additional remotes.

BEAMS - The i-5 Infra Red Beam is used primarily as a safety device to detect the presence of a vehicle or person through an entrance

CP93 DUAL AC CONTROLLER - The CP93 is an electronic controller designed to operate access automation systems (eg. swing gates, sliding gates, roller shutter door operators etc.) that incorporate either a single or double single phase, reversible AC induction motor. The controller has various pre-configured inputs and outputs in order to operate these types of systems in addition to many programmable features.

Trade Description

Training, Courses, Distributor, Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier

Product Categories

Access Cards, tags & Accessories, Access control Systems, Alarms, Barriers, Batteries, Beams, Biometric readers (fingerprint etc), Booms, CCTV , Communication Systems, Detection Equipment, Fingerprint, Garage - Motors etc, Gates, Goosenecks, GSM Products, Intercoms, Keypads, Locks, Motors, Parking, Perimeter protection, Remote Controls (transm, rec), Switches, Vehicle & Traffic Equip


12V DC Battery pack, Accessories, Accessories, Accessories, Apartment, Audio, Audio Visual, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Barriers, Barriers, Batteries, Battery Backup - for Centurion A10 Motor, Beams, Cameras - Colour, Cameras - Digital Video (Day, Night), Cameras - Infra Red, Cellular, Chargers, Code hopping, Communication, Controller for Gates, roller shutter door operators, Digi-Pads, Dual, Electric, Fingerprint Readers, Fingerprint readers, Garage, Gate, Gate, Gate - Sliding, Gate - Swing, Gates - electric, Goosenecks, GSM, GSM products, Key pads, Key switches, Loop detectors, Manual, Manual, Motors - Domestic, Motors- Industrial, On line - proximity, Padlocks, Parking, Perimeter, Outdoor, Proximity Tags, Security, Self learning, Short Range, Spike , Stand alone-proximity tag system, Vein scanner, Wireless systems

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