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Melmo Security Services Pty Ltd

Gauteng , Gauteng , Limpopo , Cape - Western

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Phone Number:
083 242 1823
086 714 7992
083 242 1823
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PSIRA:  2689197

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361/1 Hamptons Road , Glen Austin , Midrand

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361/1 Hamptons Road , Glen Austin , Midrand, 1685


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Gone are the days where we as South African citizens feel safe enough to walk around in the streets at night, leave our business unattended, and leaving our properties or assets not worrying about it being stolen. We use to hear of somebody who got robbed, attacked, raped, or killed, but now, it happens to us.

Yes it would be nice and ideal if there was no crime in the world, but as long as there is contributing factors like poverty, unemployment and so forth, there will always be criminal activity in the world, and even if we could eradicate crime completely, criminals will always find a new way to commit their crimes.

We need to come to terms with the fact that criminal activity will always be around us, like hawks.

Yes, we have the South African Police Force (SAPF), but it is common cause that they cannot do everything alone.

Private security companies such ourselves as NM Security t/a Melmo Security Services remain necessary to keep criminals at bay, complimenting rather than competing with the police.

Here at N.M. Security t/a Melmo Security Services, we feel that it is our responsibility, to do just so.
N.M. Security t/a Melmo Security Services is a South AfricanCompany dedicated to the provision of world class leading security services. We are capable of dealing with all your security needs and offer a complete range of services.

Our Company was formed in 2006, realising the everyday threats all South African citizens face in the criminal world.

As a Security Services provider, we do work hand in hand with Security organisations, such as the SAPS, and PSIRA, and is registered with them.

We strives for excellence and continuous improvement and in so doing it is policy to formulate ‘Quality Management Systems’ specifically aimed at each business partners unique requirements rather than via a generic approach, therefore each and every site/client has got its own Standard Operating Procedures.

Various initiatives, in conjunction with our business partners’ are currently used and these range from ‘Core Competencies’ modules including identified effective areas, standards required, standards achieved and corrective action to ‘Mystery Guest’ auditing whereby independent consultants audit and submit scorecards.

The company also utilizes a customer satisfaction questionnaire to determine service standards which complements existing service level agreements used by business partners, this is focused on direct service delivery by personnel on the ground, management and supervision.

Let is also be known, that from the top management, you will also see them acting sometimes as a security officer, this is to interact with our security officers, team building, and training.

Staff Taining:

Due to the nature of our business, and the ongoing development in technology, we like to keep our employees up to date with new trends; therefore, we do
extensive training in:

  • Security Work
  • Security Equipment
  • Legal principals and procedures Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention First Aid Training
  • Report writing
  • Site Specific Instructions and Training

In-house training is given to all staff in the following aspects:

  • Advanced self-defence
  • Specialized firearm training
  • Specialized security equipment training
  • General combat course
  • Communication course
  • Radio and reporting course
  • Telephonic skills
  • Emergency evaluations
  • Fire Situations
  • House/car penetration
  • Advanced surveillance techniques
  • Code of conduct and discipline