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Bewaffnet Security (PTY) LTD

Gauteng , Gauteng , North West Province

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012 542 5157
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72 Vaalboskat St, Hestea Park, Pretoria, 0182

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Founded on 02 January 2013, by owner of Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd Mr MM Gey van Pittius emerged out of the realization and inspiration by:

Revelation 5:5 “Then one of the elders said to me, Stop weeping! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root (Source) of David, has won (has overcome and conquered)”

And that a Safety and Security Company offering a single-point solution that is focused and tailor made for each particular client is critical.

Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd head office is situated in Pretoria.

With a combined business experience of over 35 years, the Members of the Group have put all their intellectual, monetary and physical resources at stake to form and manage a company that is totally committed to providing clients with quality service and training ,and un-parallel customer care and feedback.

We have a clear understanding and knowhow of the Security and Safety Industry and pledge the oath of integrity, transparency, hard work and professionalism in ensuring that the clients’ interests are safe, secured and protected by Security Officers that are well trained and versed in the everyday PSIRA regulations and professional conduct of their duties.

By providing a one-point yet integrated security solution that is of high quality with a back-up of well trained and motivated staff and hands on experienced management, Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd is on the cutting edge of ensuring maximum safety, security and protection of our clients property, people and infrastructure.

We have made a pledge of integrity to hold the clients interest at the fore front by offering security solutions that are tailor made for you the client.

In the end as a dedicated Company, our Mission is to empower individuals to actively participate in the protection and socio-economic growth of our country.

Our vision is to grow Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd into a formidable company that is Client center and Employee focused with a view (aim) to deliver a service that is of the highest quality, thereby offering integrated safety and security solutions as well as training.

Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd has made a pledge of integrity to hold the clients interest at the fore front by offering security solutions that are tailor made for you the client covering the following fields:

  • GOODS IN TRANSIT (Escorting)

Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd guards are well versed in the application and management of modern security technology.

Due to our service excellence, our clients are our biggest asset and this enables our security operation to be fully integrated into the daily running of our customers business, thereby ensuring added value to the overall service provided.

Guarding is the largest and most visible sector of the security industry, concerned with safeguarding of fixed assets, property and people. General Guarding Services


The supply of specially trained, uniformed and equipped security officers to blend in   with the up market image of the commercial environment and to deal with its peculiarities, such as a demanding public and high expectation from tenants.

Access Control:

Controlling the access and egress of people and/or assets to a broad base of  premises, which include industrial, commercial, office park, high rise, motor industry, residential, agricultural, fuel depots and government support infrastructures. 

Civil disobedience and or riot control:

The ability to provide specifically trained security officers to operate within the specialized and often unfriendly industrial environment. To deal with large numbers of employees, the complexity of industrial plants, their size and sometimes their remoteness form other developments.


Retail Security:

Ensure tenants are able to conduct their business without fear or criminal   interference.

Bewaffnet Security provides a comprehensive security and safety service to retail owners and / or tenants.

Prior to the commencement of any service, a full risk survey and report will be undertaken in on junction with client requirements.

Internal Security: 

We offer highly visible security officers, at entrances and exit points manned to spot   potential criminal elements. Security officers are trained in all aspects of security discipline, with strong emphasis on observations, visibility, public relation skills and   communications. Officers will be dressed in purpose designed uniforms, unique to Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd standards.                                                                                                             

External Security:

Parking areas patrolled by safety officers on foot or bicycles, which effectively discourage potential criminal elements and are, trained to look out for anything unusual. Safety officers perform a public relations function and are able to provide  general information regarding the respective retail customers.


Residential Estate Security:

To provide an all-encompassing services to golfing and residential estates and in doing so give residents and visitors alike the highest levels of safety and security.

To complete a comprehensive survey of the estate or property and to compile a report and recommendations on the full spectrum of safety and security.

Management involvement and support:

Regular meetings are held with clients and operational staff, with senior management visiting estates during and after working hours for security updates.

Perimeter Security:

To control and monitor the perimeter of the estate with regular patrols supported by     such measures as CCTV, security fences, security walls and other electronic        equipment.


Access control:

To manage the access and egress of all residents, visitors, domestic workers, contractors, casual labour, estate agents and any deliveries to the estate through the use of dedicated access cards,  CCTV, pre clearance of visitors and other contract specific measures.                                           

Armed Reaction

To provide immediate response to emergencies by way of armed reaction where required.

 Additional services:

  • Provision and Installation of the latest State-of-the-Art electronic systems both for Industrial and Residential usage.
  • Development of Security Technology Objectives 
  • Evaluation of Existing Security Systems with Comprehensive Report and        Recommendations
  • Control Room Planning and Installation 
  • Cellular SMS Alarm Systems
  • Intercom - CCTV Products 
  • Automatic Gates 
  • Electric Wall Top Fencing 
  • Security Doors
  • Intruder Detection 
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Access Control Systems

 Collections, Marketing & Sales:

 A division under Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd also incorporates a division for   debt collections, marketing and Sales.

Bewaffnet Security (Pty) Ltd will be committed to strife to enhance a philosophy of:

Service Provision:

We are totally committed to providing consistent, uncompromising professional and high standard, quality safety and security solutions as well as training that meets and surpasses the expectations of our clients who have delegated us to protect their interests.

PSIRA Legislation:

Adherence to all Government Legislation and complying with PSIRA regulations and procedures in the daily conduct of the business from training to engaging professionals that have a clear understanding of the security industry in respect of:

  • Private Security Industry Regulation Act, 2001 (Act No. 56 of 2001)
  • Private Security Industry Regulations, 2002
  • Criminal procedure act 51 of 1977
  • Regulations relating to Appeal and Applications for Exemptions, 2003
  • Amendment to Regulations made under the Security Officers Act(Act No, 92 of 1987)
  • Code of Conduct for Security Service Providers, 2003
  • Improper Conduct Enquiries Regulations, 2003
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act , Act 75 of 1997
  • Training Regulations, 1992 and related documentation
  • Documentation to be kept in terms of Regulations 10(7)
  • Sectorial Determination 6

Employee Empowerment And Growth:

Our focus is to grow, develop and empower individuals so that they become active participants in the socio-economic growth of the country. Our emphasis is the employment of women into managerial and supervisory levels and the upliftment of individuals within the structures of the company. By providing In-house training programs, refresher and regular courses, we assure the client that the quality of the Security Officers deployed on their behalf do not compromise the safety and security or their interests.

Social Responsibility:

As a development and empowering Company, our motto is to reinvest back into our communities at least 1% of our net profits through empowerment projects, initiatives and training. Our core focus is to uplift and train the unemployed community and to attend to development programs and we have identified informal settlements and unemployed people.

Corporate Governance:

All our Members will have the required and necessary PSIRA grading and are committed to transparent governance process, taking into consideration that the business is managed according to generally accepted accounting principles and best management and corporate practice.