Wireless Guard Route Monitor

Company: MAMI

Type: Wireless Products, Monitoring System, Guarding/Guards

Managing your guards has never been this easy. The GRS will monitor your guards’ patrols on any type of site, at all times and totally wireless.

When a new patrol is scheduled, the patrol point is indicated on the G.R.S. display. Each patrol point is equipped to send up to four different conditions, for example: check-in, panic, fire and medical signals. Each patrol point can also make use of MAMI’s Access Keypad so that a secret code needs to be entered by the guard when checking in.

The GRS points have a range of up to 3 Km to the guard house on a licence free frequency. This may be monitored externally by a control room many kilometers away by the use of a VHF radio.
Guard progress may be monitored in real time in a control room environment and alerts and SMSs may be sent should there be any irregularities in the patrol.

System Features:

  • On/Off duty reporting
  • Up to 16 wireless patrol points
  • Random start point per patrol
  • Random routines
  • Random rest time between patrols
  • Activates alarm to base station in event of panic or fail to patrol
  • Programmable patrol and rest time
  • Self contained power supply

A supervisor can be supplied with a remote control which has a 1km range, and can arm/disarm the system, or force a patrol to start.

Each guard may carry a portable long range panic
button in case of emergency.