ultraLink Input / Output Modules Flexible Input / Output Modules for System Integration

Company: Fiber Guard (Pty) Ltd

Type: IT Hardware/software, Alarms

Senstar’s μltraLink Input / Output (I/O) modules are hardware components that form an integral part of Senstar’s system integration capability. μltraLink I/O modules attach to Senstar’s Silver Network and provide a range of I/O types including outputs (relay, open-collector), and supervised dry- contact inputs. μltraLink outputs can be used to transmit alarms from Senstar’s family of networked sensors using only Senstar’s Network Manager Service software (NMS).


µltraLink I/O modules are used to receive and / or transmit alarm information as part of an integrated security system. Applications include: • Converting sensor alarms collected over Senstar’s Silver Network to relays or open-collector outputs for input to a 3rd party Security Management System • Collecting auxiliary sensor alarms with dry-contact inputs for display with AIM or StarNeT 1000 • Use with AIM or StarNeT 1000 for sending camera commands to video switcher / Video Management System (VMS) via relays or open-collector outputs • Rated for indoor and outdoor use