Job Costing Module

Company: ERS Biometrics (Pty) Ltd

Type: Time & Attendance, IT Hardware/software

Our Job Costing module allows you capture your job costing activities online, automatically transferring the data to the biometric device. Employees access the activities on a dropdown menu on the device itself when clocking.

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Main Features:

  • Web based
  • Exports to Payroll

Corrections and alterations are done online with a full Audit Trial of what was changed and by whom, thereafter data can be exported directly through to your payroll package for processing.

Job costing control at your fingertips

The ability to automate the majority of your reporting makes it possible to save costs. The cost savings come most notably in the ability to monitor the clocking from a central point ensuring that there is no wasting of time or resources.

Being able to accurately track this through the full audit trail also provides peace of mind in the event that this data needs to be used. It also frees up a lot of time that would have been spent manually keeping record.

These types of improvements in efficiency goes a long way in ensuring that your business runs as economically and cost-effectively as possible.

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