ERS Biometrics™ Access Control Module

Company: ERS Biometrics (Pty) Ltd

Type: Time & Attendance, IT Hardware/software, Access control Systems

Access Control
The ERS Biometrics™ Access Control Module enables your administrator to manage, grant or deny access rights to an employee or group of employees online,  at the click of a button.

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Main Features

  • Web based
  • Secure Access Control Management
  • Time Zones
  • Temporary Access Rights

All access control changes needs to be verified with either a password or fingerprint. ERS can also supply users with a biometric mouse which adds additional security when entering passwords.

Limited access can also be provided by specifying the days and times in which an employee may work, this can also be used to tightly manage your visitors.

Complete control of biometric access control
Access control is one of the first lines of security for any business or property. It is therefore critical to make sure that you can effectively and quickly manage this from a central point. The ability to add and remove authorized individuals enables a company to maintain a high level of security at their respective access points.

The ability to limit access to certain areas as well as access at specific times ensures that it you won’t need to monitor access 24 hours a day. Only those allowed to access certain areas will be in there at the allotted times.

Complete control should not be a perk. It is a necessity. The ERS Biometrics systems allow you to take back complete control of this throughout your company.