Time & Attendance Module

Company: ERS Biometrics (Pty) Ltd

Type: Time & Attendance, IT Hardware/software

The Time and Attendance Module enables companies to accurately manage their employee attendance, hours worked, overtime taken, leave submitted, etc. The module takes away many of the manual processes allowing for easy exception management.

Time and Attendance Module Features:

  • Advanced Shift Management
  • Schedule your shifts
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Leave Management
  • Preload Overtime
  • Clock Management
  • Export to Payroll

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Advanced Shift Management
Our Time and Attendance software enables the system administrator to setup and manage unlimited shifts, allocating employees or groups of employees to single or multiple shifts. Our shifts make allowance for grace periods, start and finish times, breaks, varying time types, allowances as well as overtime parameters.

The ERS shift wizard takes a step by step approach to assist the system administrator to setup a shift from A-Z ensuring that all the required elements have been included.

We cater for the standard 08:00 to 17:00 workers as well as for the advanced setup required when a shift falls on more than 1 day where a split would be required between Normal Time and/or Public Holidays and/or the varying Overtimes.

Shift Scheduling
ERS provide both the ability for the time and attendance system to automatically detect which shift was worked by an employee or to specify which shift should be worked on a given day on a schedule.

The easy to use dropdown options enable the system administrator to edit the schedule within seconds if required.

Comprehensive Reports
A variety of reports are available to view the daily clocking of employees, short time worked, absenteeism, even an audit of edits made in the time and attendance module.

All ERS reports have the ability to be setup to be automated to be sent through daily to a specific email address at a predetermined time.

All ERS reports provide the system user with all data which can be viewed, the user then has the ability to filter out the data which they don’t require to view. This customised view can be saved for future use if required.

All of the time and attendance reports can be automated to be sent out daily to specific email addresses at predetermined times getting rid of the need to log into the system to pull daily reports.

Leave Management
Our leave management option provides the facility to preload annual or sick leave for employees reducing the need for modifications at a later stage.

Preloading Overtime
ERS provide the option to either add Overtime as a standard within the shift setup or to only allow for Overtime if preloaded for an employee or group of employees for a specific period once authorized.

Clock Management
All clocking times are imported in the time & attendance module in order to apply the shift parameters and leave days setup for the employees. This process can either be manually edited as and when required or automated on a daily basis.

The import function separates the normal time from overtime and public holidays, ready to import to payroll.

In the event of employees not clocking IN or OUT, clocking outside of their allocated shift parameters, etc. the system will clearly indicate the indiscretion. The system administrator can request to view only the exceptions or all the clocking data if required.


If the user has editing rights then the incorrect or incomplete clocking entry can be edited, clearly stipulating the reason for the management intervention. A full audit trail is available to view who and what changes are made to the system.

Additional clock management tools are available to change the direction of Clocks if incorrectly inputted or to remove any unwanted clocks if required.

Export to Payroll
ERS provide a dynamic link between the Time and Attendance module and any payroll solution which has the ability to import data. ERS have successfully linked to all the known payroll solutions in the market place.

Part of our service is to setup the link to your payroll as well as ensure that it is 100% correct as part of our implementation package.

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