E-HEG - Camera Housing

Company: EvTrack (Pty) Ltd

Type: CCTV

Aluminium Housing For 10~200 mm Zoom Lens - IP66


  • Indoor / Outdoor Installations
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • 2x PG11 & 1 P9 Removable Cable glands (3 glands)
  • Epoxy Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel External Screws
  • Operating Temp: -20º C to 50° C (With Heater)
  • Internal Dimensions (mm):E-HEG-37K2A000: 134 (W) x 88 (H) x 237 (L)
  • E-HEG-47K2A036: 134 (W) x 88 (H) x 358 (L)
  • External Dimensions (mm):E-HEG-37K2A000: 153 (W) x 168 (H) x 493 (L)
  • E-HEG-47K2A036: 153 (W) x 168 (H) x 590 (L)

The E-HEG-47K2A036 is a large sized rugged aluminium housing. It is able to accommodate a CS mount camera with large zoom lens, such as our 10~200 mm lens, the E-R1025G. The body is made of extruded aluminium and the end-cover of die-cast aluminium. The installation and adjustment of the camera are made easier thanks to the possibility of removing the body, leaving the internal slide in working position for easy operation.

As an option it can be fitted with a wiper, washer & pump unit. This is ideal for extremely dusty environments or in areas such as along the coast, where a housing is needed which one can easily clean. Ease of installation is provided with this housing with ready-fitted connectors and integrated PSU. The E-HEG housing can be utilised for a variety of applications, like traffic and highway monitoring, particularly if coupled with the E-PTH911 Pan/Tilt unit.