Mobile CCTV Solutions

Company: Doculam (Pty) Ltd

Type: CCTV

The lightweight 4G Mini Dome camera system provides the user with complete flexibility and portability. The system can be deployed in any location and is ideal for rapid installation and temporary surveillance applications.
The Dome system is an integrated camera and transmission unit. Users are able to connect remotely, and access live streaming video images or stored evidential quality digital footage from the integral removable hard drive (Up to 2TB capacity). The camera itself can be controlled remotely with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality with a 360° field of vision. The system is future proofed and designed to operate on all latest generation mobile phone networks. Designed within the system is a self-checking diagnostic program which amongst other things enables the system to automatically reset itself following events such as power spikes and network failure.

Transmission Methods
The variety of cutting edge transmission methods makes the product portfolio extremely flexible and cost effective. State of the art products and systems are capable of operating over multiple remote transmission media. Every dome product contains 4G LTE Cellular transmission capability (with automatic fall-back to 3G and CDMA) plus an additional transmission medium to maximize flexibility and portability. This unique approach provides the ability to transmit fluid, high-resolution images wirelessly without geographical restrictions, making the equipment ideal for both long and short term, overt and covert operations. Each system has an IP address allowing it to utilize broadband technology. The Mini Dome can also be operated on private networks as a LAN-only solution.

The 4G Mini Dome unit weighs under 9 lbs (including bracket), the ANPR camera weighs 5.5 lbs including bracket. Both can be attached to the side of a building, but are more commonly fastened to a column or street light. The units can be powered using 110 - 240 Volt AC from the mains supply, or 12 Volt DC. The units can be installed within 30 minutes and re-deployed easily.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 1080p playback at 25fps
  • Audio and video recording
  • 2.8” front-facing display
  • Local recording up to 128GB providing 17 hours recording
  • Durable housing - IP65 rated
  • Unique pre-recording functionality
  • 256 bit encryption
  • GPS location information
  • Footage date and time stamp for evidential purposes
  • 8-16 hour operation
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Protection for police and civil enforcement officers
  • Lone and vulnerable worker protection
  • Health and safety applications
  • Evidential usage: date, time and location stamped encrypted footage
  • Reduction in complaints against officers and ease of complaint management Identification of offenders
  • De-escalation and conflict management