Company: Centurion Systems

Type: Motors

The CENTURION Industrial RSO range has been designed to safely automate extremely heavy roller-shutter doors such as entrances to factories and loading bays. Each model is equipped with a heavy-duty electric motor that, coupled with a powerful gearbox, delivers maximum lifting force. In addition, a convenient manual override facility comprising a 5m chain ensures that the door can be operated even in the event of a power failure.

The RSO5DC incorporates an intelligent logic controller complete with user-friendly LCD interface for easy setup. Added to this, two 7Ah batteries provide reliable battery backup, ensuring that the RSO5DC remains in operation even in the event of a lengthy power outage. The controller also makes provision for the connection of ancillary devices such as infrared safety beams, proximity readers and keypads.

Main features

Battery backup
A 24V battery with rapid charger ensures that come low voltages, power spikes or failures, you can always get in or out!
Open it the way you like it...
Rapid opening but a more tempered closing just in case a loved one or a truckload full of valuable goods is in the way, that's the sort of sophistication in motor control you can expect from the RSO5DC industrial roller-shutter operator. Added to this, you can vary the acceleration and deceleration of your roller shutter and make it move so smoothly it will do so for many years to come.
It's got it all
What a pleasure to click through an almost endless list of really useful features – from multiple Modes of Operation, shutter operating parameters, Pillar Light control with pre-flash, Alarm functions, Positive Close Mode and Real Time Clock and Calendar to enable time-based features – to help diagnostic feedback.
Operate wirelessly, thanks to CENTURION
Besides its code-hopping technology offering the highest level remote control security, this multichannel and multi-user CENTURION onboard receiver allows for a multi-button remote to operate any combination of the system inputs, such as trigger, Holiday Lockout, etc.
Reliable position control
Two mechanical limit switches are the heroes that tame the beast, making sure that the shutter stops in the open and closed positions, every time.
Rock-solid mounting system
One can imagine that it takes quite a lot of muscle to keep such a colossus suspended several meters in the air – fortunately, CENTURION’s custom-made RSO mounting plates are more than up to the challenge, and includes vertical slots for easy adjustment of the operator.