1. Scorpions not needed: Popcru

    Date: 12 Oct 2005
    The need for the Scorpions no longer existed and the unit should be incorporated into the police, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union told the Khampepe Commission in Pretoria yesterday. “The South African Police Service (SAPS) has undergone serious transformation and has the skills, training and capability to deal with the crimes the Scorpions deal with,” said Popcru’s deputy general secr... See full details

  2. S.A. child abduction crisis

    Date: 10 Oct 2005
    Africa is facing a “child abduction crisis” as only 11% of the about 1 550 children reported missing each year are found. This was yesterday revealed by the Democratic Alliance (DA), which claimed there is a desperate need for constructive measures to put an end to this worrying scourge. It was also revealed that 293 children were murdered from the beginning of January to the end of March la... See full details

  3. Malls not safe - top cop

    Date: 07 Oct 2005
    Attacks on soft targets out of control, with a hit every three days. Gauteng malls are under siege, police have warned – and anyone can become a victim. Gangs, ranging from three to 30 gunmen, terrorise these soft targets on average once every three days, provincial deputy commissioner Bushie Engelbrecht revealed yesterday. “It is no longer safe to go to a restaurant or go shopping,” he s... See full details

  4. Police blitz hammers crime rate

    Date: 07 Oct 2005
    Tranquillity has come in the wake of a special police operation in Ekurhuleni, says Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago. He said tranquillity had reigned since Friday, with crime figures for the area plummeting after recent police action. The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department blitz targeted hotspot areas, ending in the early morning hours of Saturday. The operation yielded succes... See full details

  5. Scorpions' fate in the balance

    Date: 07 Oct 2005
    A public hearing into whether the Scorpions should remain part of the Public Prosecuting Authority or be incorporated into the SAPS begins today. Fears have mounted since last week that the work of the Khampepe Commission of Inquiry may be delayed after requests that the hearings be held in a closed court. This sparked criticism from the Democratic Alliance yesterday. The commission's pres... See full details

  6. Three supermarket robbery suspects held

    Date: 07 Oct 2005
    Pretoria's newly formed "supermarket squad" of detectives has added another retail robbery to its case list. The squad is part of the city's Serious and Violent Crimes Unit and was formed about three months ago following a spate of robberies at supermarkets in and around the city. The squad has arrested three suspects for questioning in connection with possible involvement in other supermark... See full details

  7. Good news emerges on witness’s protection front

    Date: 07 Oct 2005
    Not one person under South Africa’s witness protection programme was the victim of a hit, threats or intimidation over the past three years. By March 31, a total of 247 witnesses and 252 family members were part of the programme, testifying in 329 cases ranging from child abuse to murder, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said in its report for 2004/05. “Of these, 98% were high risk a... See full details

  8. Special Investigating Unit saves state R3,5bn

    Date: 05 Oct 2005
    Work to uncover and eradicate corruption in the 2004/05 financial year has saved the government projected future losses of nearly R3,5-billion, according to the Special Investigating Unit. This was calculated on the premise that malpractices exposed during the year were likely to have continued on average for 10 more years, unit head Willie Hofmeyr told reporters in Pretoria yesterday. The l... See full details

  9. Majority of police stand by corrupt officers, surv

    Date: 03 Oct 2005
    “Payola”, “on the take” or “cold drink money” – call it what you will. Corruption is rife in the South African Police Service – just ask a cop. In a survey conducted by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), 600 SAPS members were asked if they knew of corruption in their organisation, and 70% said yes. “In the survey we also asked: Would you report other members if ... See full details

  10. Crime is costing SA billions

    Date: 03 Oct 2005
    Armed robberies and shoplifting are now costing the South African economy billions of rands each year. The Consumer Good Council of SA (CGCSA) said crime cost the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry (FMCG) R4,1bn a year. The prices of goods therefore had to increase to cope with the existing trend, said Michael Broughton, head of the CGCSA crime-prevention programme. Speaking at a Press b... See full details

  11. Police crime probes rise

    Date: 03 Oct 2005
    Criminal cases investigated against police officers had risen by 18% last year, the Cape Times website reported yesterday. It said the total increased to 1731 cases from 1473 in 2003. This emerged from the annual report of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD), tabled in parliament on Monday. A Total of 354 cases were investigated in Gauteng, 295 in the Western Cape, 195 in North W... See full details

  12. Prisons hit corruption and fraud

    Date: 29 Sep 2005
    Implementation of the ethic "we cannot correct when we are corrupt" has seen Correctional Services go on a big anti-corruption and fraud drive which has brought results. But it's not over yet, and Department of Correctional Services Commissioner Linda Mti is continuing his crusade to make his department "one that cares and counts". Among the good results achieved so far are bringing in the N... See full details

  13. Beware of tyre thieves

    Date: 29 Sep 2005
    North Rand police have warned motor vehicle owners to be vigilant, as thieves are stealing tyres from vehicles, especially in the Kempton Park central business district. Truck drivers especially should be on the look-out. "Tyres are stolen from vehicles parked in a street or other open spaces," said police spokesman Cynthia Kleinhans. "These crimes mainly happen between 7pm and 5am." Three... See full details

  14. Shocking statistics

    Date: 29 Sep 2005
    Drug-related crimes soar in South Africa Drug-related crimes have increased so rapidly in recent times that more than R10m worth of drugs have been seized this month alone at the Johannesburg International Airport. The SAPS national crime statistics have revealed that drug-related offences increased by 11,7% in Gauteng and nationally by 58,8% during the past financial year. Since 2000, 44... See full details

  15. Armed guards ‘won’t stop mall robberies’

    Date: 25 Sep 2005
    Arming private security guards will not stop the increasing number of armed robberies in Gauteng’s shopping malls. Business Against Crime (BAC) chief executive Kenny Fihla said shopping centres were seen as soft targets by criminals. But if security guards were armed, crooks would respond with automatic weapons, endangering the public. Tougher security at banks had made the gangs move to ... See full details

  16. 64% of businesses fear fraud

    Date: 25 Sep 2005
    Fraud is a scourge in South Africa and Africa, a survey of businesses revealed yesterday. The survey, by auditing firm KPMG, said 64% of the South African companies and 65% of companies in the rest of Africa reported that fraud was a big headache. �Respondents are mostly of the same opinion: that businesses and organisations need to have the necessary internal controls and preventative mea... See full details

  17. Gun licensing is going well: SAPS

    Date: 22 Sep 2005
    Despite a public outcry about the slow firearm licensing procedures, the South African Police Service claimed yesterday the renewal of firearm licences was going smoothly. Director Phuti Setati, Section Head of Media Relations said the Firearm Control Act (FCA) was brought in to "vigorously address firearm-related crimes" by removing illegal guns and ensuring control over legal guns. He did... See full details

  18. Fears grow as robbers hit malls

    Date: 21 Sep 2005
    The frequency of armed robberies at shopping malls in Gauteng and the Western Cape has caused anxiety among property owners and shopping centre managers. On Sunday a robber was shot dead during an armed robbery at a jewellery store in Pretoria’s Brooklyn Mall. In another incident also on Sunday, gunmen hit St Elmo’s restaurant at the Eagles Landing Shopping Centre in Honeydew, north of Joburg.... See full details

  19. Licence scam over the Internet

    Date: 21 Sep 2005
    A new bogus driver’s licence scam, which allows drivers to buy an international driver’s permit over the Internet, has hit South Africa. Available from two sites that both appear to be situated in the United States, the so-called :”International Driver’s Permit” offered by both sites for between $25 (R160) and $35 (R225) looks authentic in every respect, and even comes with an embedded hologram... See full details

  20. Dept of Corrupt Affairs!

    Date: 18 Sep 2005
    Corruption within the Department of Home Affairs has reached crisis proportions. Jenny Reid, managing director of corporate security solution providers, GriffithsReid, said a radical overhaul of the screening and selection process for employees was a matter of urgency. “The news that original South African passports have been found among the possessions of terrorists responsible for the publ... See full details

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