1. Alleged cop killer bust in crackdown on crime

    Date: 20 Jul 2006
    Bail denied for suspect and two accomplices Muziawupheli “Chippa” Noboza allegedly didn’t hesitate to open fire and murder a Soweto police inspector and father of two. The 25–year-old suspect is also alleged to have walked up to a taxi driver and fired two lethal shots into his head. In another incident, Noboza is claimed to have shot a teenager four times, ignoring pleas from the victim... See full details

  2. Police killing continues

    Date: 20 Jul 2006
    While Minister of Safety and Security Charles Nqakula is away trying to end conflict in other countries, yet another police officer has been killed and another wounded in a shootout with criminals. Inspector Leslie Mashaba, 37, was shot dead when he and Captain Simon Matladi, 38, tried to arrest two wanted suspects in Kliptown, Soweto on Tuesday. The officers were shot when they tried to arr... See full details

  3. Hit-and-run: no action

    Date: 20 Jul 2006
    The tow truck driver who was knocked over in a hit-and-run near Alberton on Monday evening remains in a serious condition. While Clint Martheze, 28 lies in the Union Hospital’s ICU department, the driver who mowed him down and the two Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) officers who refused to help him are still freely roaming the streets. The Citizen yesterday reported that Martheze’s... See full details

  4. Metro police hit’n run row

    Date: 19 Jul 2006
    Watching an unconscious tow truck driver as he lay in the middle of the road, two Metro policemen refused to chase the driver of the car, which had just knocked down 28-year-old Clint Marshes. Martheze, who drives for the Rand Towing Group, was at the scene of an accident near the N3/N12 highway split on Monday night, when he was knocked down. His colleague, Louwtjie Jacobi, told the Citizen... See full details

  5. Parties applaud Cachalia

    Date: 19 Jul 2006
    More political parties have applauded the brave stance of the Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Feroz Cachalia, who said last week he would resign if crime was not brought down in the next six months. But at the same time Cachalias’s promise is now set to become a hot issue for other MECs, who are being called upon to show the same amount of accountability as their Gauteng colleague. The Afr... See full details

  6. Business backs anti-crime plan

    Date: 19 Jul 2006
    Business Against Crime (BAC has put its weight behind Gauteng Safety and Security MEC Firoz Cachalia’s latest anti-crime strategy, adding some suggestions of its own. With a number of national anti-crime priority initiatives underway, BAC continues to strive towards its goal of a safe and secure South Africa, chief executive Kenny Fihla said. A researcher for the organisation, Gail Wannenbur... See full details

  7. Scorpions scoop 2 tons of ‘hash in transit’

    Date: 14 Jul 2006
    Cache worth R250m said to be headed overseas Alleged American criminal mastermind, Lesley Curtis, was organising to ship almost two tons of compressed cannabis and hashish from South Africa to the US. His local crew, according to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), comprised Christiaan Alblas and Pedro Marques, Dimitrio Paparas, a 69-year old who owns a flat in Athens, Greece, o... See full details

  8. Great plane Robbery

    Date: 14 Jul 2006
    Not the biggest but the most daring With military precision, a gang robbed a chartered aircraft at Bloemfontein airport as it was preparing for take-off. The Beechcraft Baron plane, piloted by Dewald Grobler, 19, was on its way to deliver an undisclosed amount of cash in Kimberley when the gang of 10 struck yesterday morning. Captain Elsa Gerber, spokesman for Free State SAPS, said... See full details

  9. Phoney cops

    Date: 14 Jul 2006
    Police suspect fake cops had phoney plates Police say their investigation into the attack on a Sandown couple by men masquerading as SAPS members is well under way. Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Mary Martins-Engelbrecht said it seemed likely that false number plates were used in the attackers’ vehicle and which had been tied to the Hillbrow police station. “This will only be cert... See full details

  10. ‘We can’t win the battle with a demoralised police force’

    Date: 12 Jul 2006
    What Firoz Cachalia, MEC for Community Safety, has to say about: *Police Intelligence in Gauteng: “We need to improve crime intelligence-gathering capacity. We are facing organised criminals who have global networks and use sophisticated technology.” *Jeppestown massacre: “It’s not up to me to second-guess what police did (during the confrontation with an armed gang who kill... See full details

  11. Nqakula to brief cluster on crime

    Date: 12 Jul 2006
    Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula’s briefing for Cabinet’s justice, crime prevention and security cluster on tomorrow is sure to generate the most interest in the current round of cluster briefings. Last week the media was given insight into progress made on various fronts by the economic, investment and employment cluster as well as the governance and administration cluster with int... See full details

  12. His Head on a Block

    Date: 12 Jul 2006
    Gauteng police boss reveals 6-month plan to fight crime An aggressive anti-crime strategy for Gauteng has been unveiled following two weeks of “intense engagement” by police top brass. Community Safety MEC Firoz Cachalia yesterday presented the six-month plan at a press conference – and was adamant it was not a “media stunt”. He said he would resign if he felt he wasn’t doing his j... See full details

  13. Crackdown on crime welcomed

    Date: 10 Jul 2006
    Government’s plan to crack down on crime was welcomed by political parties this weekend, but victims of crime in the country remain sceptical. After a meeting with provincial safety and security MECs and police commissioners last Friday, Minister of Safety and Security Charles Nqakula announced his department would launch special operations in the next six months to combat serious and violent c... See full details

  14. NPA may look into arms deal

    Date: 10 Jul 2006
    The Scorpions are considering a request by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to investigate allegations raised in the German publication Der Spiegel regarding the arms deal. The DA asked the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to contact its German counterpart to establish the nature of the allegations against South African government representatives with regard to the purchase of four corvettes fr... See full details

  15. New controversial exposé -

    Date: 09 Jul 2006
    A recently opened South African website on crime is hoping to bring lots of exposure on the soaring crime and ongoing daily battle that all South Africans are currently facing. The website gives a ‘no-holes-barred’ exposure to all those who wish to make their voices heard. By webmaster 09/07/06 See full details

  16. 'Massive explosion' in drug-rapes

    Date: 07 Jul 2006
    Drug rapes have “exploded” in Pretoria, with 30 attacks being reported in the past three weeks. And, in a new development, sex attacks against men are said to have increased. According to a private investigator; worse is yet to come, as the situation spiralled out of control. The dramatic increase in drug rapes, revealed by trauma counsellors and a private investigator, has sparked fears... See full details

  17. ‘They stole R75 000 from my bank account’

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Banks tighten security after hackers’ internet swiping spree It took just two days for hackers to turn 73-year-old Gillian Bickell’s world upside down. In a matter of hours, fraudsters were able to hack into Bickell’s Absa Internet account and wipe out more than R75 000 from her business and personal account, leaving the Joburg grandmother “total broke”. She is just one of a growin... See full details

  18. Nqakula to unveil anti-crime plan

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula will on Friday reveal plans to fight the recent violent crime wave after meeting high-ranking government officials and top police heads. The scheduled meeting is a follow-up to the “off-limits” conference this week, when Nqakula met police management to discuss the recent crime trends and come up with a comprehensive response to combat it. Minist... See full details

  19. Security firm looking into cases of strike misconduct by employees

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Fidelity Springbok Security Service has denied that it is refusing to re-employ security officers who went on strike. Fidelity legal counsel Hennie Myburgh yesterday denied that retailer Makro in Centurion, Tshwane, wrote to his company. It is understood Makro made it clear in correspondence to the security company that it did not want officers involved in the strike back at their posts beca... See full details

  20. Eye in sky on crime

    Date: 05 Jul 2006
    Through the latest technology in crime prevention systems, criminals can now be sure their every move will be detected. The International Security Consultations and Advanced Implementations (Scai) company recently launched it state-of-the-art signalling, monitoring and tracking devices in South Africa, which is under siege by daily violence as well as petty crime. According to Scai managing ... See full details

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