Let’s obey instructions by remaining at home

Date: 27 Mar 2020

TODAY marks the beginning of a momentous period in our country’s history and our behaviour over these next three weeks will have a profound effect on its future, for better or worse.

South Africa was already in an economic slump with millions of people unemployed, before the coronavirus struck.

Do not mistake this 21-day lockdown for a holiday as it will only make this situation worse. The longer the lockdown persists, the worse the economy fares.

Many businesses will not survive a prolonged shutdown, putting more jobs at risk.

It is therefore in everybody’s best interest to ensure that we give the government no reason to prolong the lockdown beyond this period.

How do we do this? By obeying the instructions, staying within our homes as far as possible, and not using the smallest excuse to break the lockdown.

As others have pointed out, the virus does not move of its own volition; it has to be transported, and we are its means of transport.

If we stop moving about, we stop the virus moving… It’s that simple.

The only people who should venture out of their homes are those whose services are deemed critical. Spare a thought for the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who will daily put their health and lives, and those of their families on the line, while all we are asked to do is remain at home.

Spare a thought also for the journalists who will continue working through this period to keep you informed of developments, putting themselves at risk in doing so.

We will continue to bring you the latest, most accurate reports in print and on our online properties, even if the paper is thinner than you are used to, occasioned by operational changes forced on us by the advent of the virus.

Many will spend much time on their phones over the next three weeks, but beware of alarmists and think before mindlessly forwarding any and all information that comes your way. Be responsible and take care of yourself and your loved ones. In the years to come, we must be able to look back proudly on our role during the lockdown.

When asked: “Where were you during the lockdown?”

You should be able to answer: “At home!”


For more info see: http://www.iol.co.za/the-star